On Thursday, July 30th, This Very Popular Website Had More Visitors That  Day
(354 !!) Than Any Other Day Since  It Was  Launched On August 21, 2007 !!!


One Monday morning in July 2009, I learned that there was a Public Television crew from Hamburg, Germany in town doing some filming for a documentary that they were making about our city. Learning of this, I went and met the TV crew and then spoke with the person who appeared to 'be in charge' who I found at the shelter in Bi-Centennial Park. We had a very interesting conversation about how our 'sister city' in Hamburg compares with their 'sister city' in Minnesota.

My talking with him was so informative and enjoyable, I asked him if I could accompany him if I 'stayed out of his way'. He eagerly agreed and I joined his filming crew at the Hamburg Post Office where they were filming for their documentary.  So that I could share this unique experience with Hamburg (Minnesota) residents, I created a Webpage containing the pictures I took and the interview that I conducted.

To visit the Webpage that I designed and to hear my interview that I recorded, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

! also eagerly volunteered for, and became involved with our new community that we had just recently (March 2007) become a member of. As just one example, and for a number of years, we would go to Bi-Centennial Park (as well as along the railroad tracks) the mornings after the previous day's Zummerfest Celebration and pick of beer and pop cans, napkins, Styrofoam cups and every other type of trash and refuse that you can imagine, that had been 'left behind' by those attending Zummerfest.

Speaking of Zummerfest and going back to the days when Diane Mackenthun was a City Council Member, I worked with her, Brad
Droege, Tammy  Trebesch  and  another lady  who  worked at  the bank  (whose name 'escapes' me), and  others, who  all worked
together on the  planning of Hamburg's 125th  Anniversary Zummerfest Celebration.  As part of my efforts, I actually  designed (and
circulated) the  layout of the 'Schedule of Events'  for that three  day celebration;  an original  copy  of  that  'Schedule  of  Events'  is
framed  and  proudly hangs  on one of the  walls of  my  office.   Please  "Click'  on  the  'thumbnail'  image  to the right  to  make the
picture larger.

Interestingly enough, I remember attending one of these 'planning meetings' when Brad's fire pager went off (he was Hamburg's Fire Chief then) for a Mutual Aid call to assist the Waconia (and other fire departments) on a 'structure fire'. As it would later turn out, the structure that was burning was where all of the fireworks intended for Hamburg's Zummerfest fireworks display were being stored. Brad's company, Wm. Mueller & Sons, was the company that generously donated the money to purchase those fireworks (about $4,500.00 as I recall) for all Hamburg residents, and everyone else attending our Zummerfest Celebration, to enjoy.

Brad, like me, wants 'the best' for our city and its residents. After the fire was put out and the ashes had quit smoldering, Brad contacted me and told me what had happened. Would there NOT be a fireworks display at our 125th Year Anniversary Celebration ?  I 'knew' Brad. I knew the 'drive' that he possesses. Somehow, I just knew, for certain, that Brad would come up with 'a plan'. And he did. His company arranged for, and purchased, AGAIN,  fireworks to replace those that 'went up in smoke' (no pun intended), prematurely.

In addition to working with those mentioned above in the planning of Hamburg's 125th Year Anniversary Celebration, I also promoted Hamburg's event on what was then my a 'personal' Website; www.hamburgminnesota.com. (PLEASE CLICK HERE to see the Webpage that I designed for the 2010 Zummerfest Celebration.) My reason for doing so was two-fold. First, there was no 'official' city Website at that time and, second, there was no 'electronic sign' (that now stands in Bi-Centennial Park) to provide an organized means within the city to make immediate, 'mass notification' of information of interest and importance to city residents. Or to provides a means to 'update' them on information they need/want to know.

Forget the rumors, forget the uncertainty, "The SAME information to ALL city residents!" That is, and has always been, the purpose of my Website(s).

My Website, www.hamburgminnesota.com, even back then, was used, albeit 'unofficially', to provide interesting information to Hamburg residents; information that is of importance and of 'value' to them. EXACTLY what my OFFICIAL HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Website, www.hamburgminnesota.com, is doing today, and has been doing since its 'launch' in August 2007; providing important, needed and worthwhile information to the residents of Hamburg.

Once again, forget the rumors, forget the uncertainty, "The SAME information being made available to ALL city residents!" My Website is STILL doing that today !!

Back to the fireworks for the Hamburg's 125th Year Anniversary Celebration: Word spread like 'wildfire' (again; no pun intended) that the fireworks that Brad's company, Wm. Mueller & Sons, had paid for, had been destroyed. Media outlets began contacting Brad, and the city, to get more information. They also went to my Website, www.hamburgminnesota.com, where I provided and maintained continually updated information as to what was taking place.  "The SAME information for everyone; etc., etc., etc.,"

KSTP-TV (Channel 5) even sent a satellite truck out and a reporter and broadcast 'live' reports during several of the stations newscasts so that residents of Hamburg (and the entire world) could receive updated information as to what was taking place. When KSTP-TV Channel 5 was in town and doing their  'live' broadcasts on their news programs about the the structure that destroyed the Zummerfest fireworks, I took some pictures. Please "Click' on the 'thumbnail' images below to make the pictures larger.

My next 'involvement' with (and for) Hamburg, was 'spotlighting' (our then) Fire Chief, Brad Droege. Early on, I got to know Brad (and his background), he got to know me (and my background) and I think it's an accurate statement for me to say that we 'bonded'; we both certainly respected each others backgrounds. I realized, really quick, that Brad was a person with a sincere passion for the fire service (of which he was a member), for the Emergency Medical Services (for which he worked), and for the city, in which he lived and served, so faithfully and for soooo many years.

It was a 'no brainer' of how I could 'highlight' Brad and all of the wonderful things that he had done; for his profession, for his city (did you know that Brad secured about $400,000.00 in 'grant money' for the city  during his tenure with the Hamburg Fire Department?), for his county and for all of the many people that benefited from him. While it's long been 'rumored' that I seem to have some 'talent' (much to some peoples dismay) in Website design. Brad was about to get his own Website, at NO COST to him, and, of course, at NO COST to city taxpayers; I 'footed the bill' entirely. (And STILL do for my OFFICIAL HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Website as well as all of my other Websites and related Webpages that I maintain.)

My Website about Brad was designed, 'launched' and became very popular and informative; and still is today. The next 'logical step' was to have Brad as my guest on my Internet Show Series, "DELTA ON DEMAND", so that I could make his accomplishments known even more. I packed up my recording equipment, went to Brad's house and spent about an hour talking with him about his dedicated career; about his very interesting life. Once I edited that program, it was added to his Webpage and made available for listening 24/7. Upon his retirement, I modified my Webpage about Brad to reflect him as being 'Former' Fire Chief Brad Droege. That Webpage is available, complete with pictures and my entire interview with Brad, at www.thedeltashow.com/formerfirechiefbraddroege.html.  

Continuing on, in about 2009, I met an individual that had installed a Wi-Fi Internet system in Cologne to provide high speed Internet access to Cologne residents and other persons living in areas where DSL was not available via their local telephone company or cable TV service (if it even existed). Years before I was elected to the Hamburg City Council, I met with this individual to discuss the possibility of expanding his Wi-Fi service to Hamburg and the surrounding area so that more homes (not just in Hamburg, but in the surrounding countryside, as well) would be able to have high speed Internet access. He expressed interest in expanding his Wi-Fi Internet service to Hamburg and the surrounding area, so I arranged for us to appear before the Hamburg City Council to receive permission for his company to mount the required antennas on the city's water tower for a set monthly 'rental' fee' that the city would receive.

Ultimately, this company was granted permission to use the Hamburg water tower as an 'access point' and, as a result, alternative high speed Internet service became available to the residents of the City of Hamburg for the first time, and the majority of residents living in areas surrounding Hamburg, in Carver, McLeod and Sibley counties, could now be able to receive high speed Internet service for the very first time !!

Another 'first' for the City of Hamburg; being responsible for our friends and neighbors in the surrounding areas in three counties, being able to received high speed Internet access !!

PLEASE CLICK HERE to see a Webpage that I designed announcing the availability of high speed Internet in Hamburg and the surrounding countryside to those whom it was never before available.

For the third time, forget the rumors, forget the uncertainty, "The SAME information to EVERYONE !" My OFFICIAL HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER  Website CONTINUES to still do that today !!

There was also the HAMBURG SERVICE MEMORIAL; yet another city 'project' spearheaded by 'unstoppable'  Brad Droege. I vividly recall Brad stopping by the house with some engineering plans that had been drawn up for a service 'memorial' to be built in Bi-Centennial Park honoring our nations Military, Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel. I immediately posted those plans, and Brad's concept, on my Website at www.hamburgminnesota.com. And as the construction progressed, I 'chronicled' its progress on my Website up to, and including completion and dedication.

Just prior to the dedication of the Hamburg Service Memorial, I even took our 'walk behind' lawn mower from home and brought it down to the memorial to cut (and trim) the grass, PERSONALLY (instead of with a 'rider); so that the memorial would 'look perfectly manicured' at its dedication.

And it did !!! (To see one of the Websites about the Hamburg Service Memorial that I constructed and continually kept updated for all the world to see, PLEASE CLICK HERE.)

And ever since then, I pretty much am involved, EVERY year, in getting the memorial 'tucked away and ready for the winter' in the fall and then, in the spring, getting it cleaned up, revitalized and ready for the spring, summer and fall months for everyone, Hamburg resident or not, to enjoy. Many of you have either driven by and 'waved' or even stopped and talked while I was blowing away the leaves, pulling out the plants that didn't survive the winter, watering, fertilizing or cutting the grass. EVERYONE that I talked to expressed their appreciation for the work that was continually being done to 'keep up' the memorial and how nice it looked during the summer.

I was the only City Council Member that was involved in that effort to help beautify our city and help make it more attractive.

Just part of my 'ongoing contribution' to our nice, but small, city.

I also regularly attended City Council meetings because I was truly interested what was 'going on' in the city where I lived. I got to know our former longtime Public Woks employee quite well. He could readily be seen throughout the year cutting grass, flushing hydrants, shoveling and snowblowing snow and doing the multitude of other tasks required of him. I like him and thought that he did a 'good job' for the city but often wondered to myself if he ever got bored doing the same tasks over and over for twenty-some years.

He was always very pleasant and respectful to me; however, he resigned in about August 2013 after providing his services to the city and being on call 24/7 during his twenty-some years, or so, of employment. The former Deputy City Clerk also resigned the following December.

Results of the General Election held  on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 determined that unopposed Hamburg Mayor Richard Malz was reelected (230 votes) to a two year term as Hamburg's Mayor; I was elected (161 votes; MORE than the combined total of ALL 'write-in' votes) to fill one, of two, vacant four year terms as a City Council member. As I understand the results, former City Council member Larry Mueller received the most 'write-in' votes (29) for the second vacant City Council position and Robert Gregonis received the second most votes (24) for the second City Council seat.

I would become a Hamburg City Council Member on January 1, 2013. I was EXCITED !!
A 'Chronology' Of My First Thirty-One Months As YOUR Elected City Council Member. Information
Sources Are The City Council Meeting Agendas, City Council Meeting Minutes As Well As
My Personal Recollection and Personal Notes Made and Taken.

When I filed for election to the Hamburg City Council in August 2012, I had the perception the once or twice a month, I, along with the other City Council Members, would meet with the Mayor and City Clerk/Treasurer and discuss the city's current 'status', where we currently 'are' and what our individual, and collective', plans were for making the City of Hamburg a 'better place' to live, learn, work, play and, perhaps, even raise a family.

JANUARY: Because he received the most 'write-in' votes,  former City Council member Larry Mueller was given the opportunity, first, by the Hamburg City Council  to fill the remaining City Council seat that was now vacant. But Mueller declined. The second vacant City Council seat was then offered, by the Hamburg City Council, to 'write-in runner-up' Robert Gregonis. Gregonis accepted the position.

City Council members have designated 'areas of responsibility' for various functions/departments within the city. Those 'designations' are made at the first City Council meeting of the year. I was City Council member designated to be responsible for 'Streets".

I also learned about the requirement for ALL city officials to be certified in a FEMA Training Course entitled National Incident Management System; (shortened to the acronym NIMS). I  received ALL THREE of my NIMS certifications REQUIRED, within only THREE MONTHS of taking my seat on the Hamburg City Council.

JANUARY: At the very first City Council meeting that I attended in my 'newfound career', I openly opposed all increases in both property taxes to residents and all wages to City Council members. 

FEBRUARY: I arranged for a representative from Floyd Security to make a presentation to the City Council about installing an alarm system in the Sewage Lift Station in Bi-Centennial Park. (Interestingly enough, I appeared before the Hamburg City Council about 25 or 30 YEARS AGO when I owned DELTA SECURITY SYSTEMS and the city was considering 'alarming' the lift station way back them !!)

At our February meeting, I was able to secure installation of the alarm system for a substantially lower price ($600.00) than normally charged. (By comparison, a somewhat similar alarm system proposed for the Water Treatment Plant by a local company was proposed to  cost the city IN EXCESS OF $1,500.00 !!!)

MARCH: I successfully passed the required National Incident Management System (NIMS) courses; (Series 100, 200, 700) required of all city employees.

MARCH: I took photos of the children's Easter Egg Hunt at the Hamburg Community Hall and posted them on my OFFICIAL HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Website available to the world.

EXACT DATE UNKNOWN: Detected a natural gas leak at the Water Treatment Plant on a Saturday, notified Xcel Energy and waited at the plant for about two or three hours for their arrival. When their Serviceman finally did arrive, a serious leak was found; so serious, in fact, that the Xcel Energy Serviceman 'red tagged' the gas service line to the emergency standby generator in the building and turned off ALL gas to the building.

For about the NEXT THREE WEEKS as I recall, the City of Hamburg was without ANY form of emergency power for the Water Treatment Plant. In the event of prolonged commercial power outage, once the water tower was drained, the CITY RESIDENTS WOULD HAVE NO WATER and THE FIRE DEPARTMENT WOULD HAVE  NO WATER IN ITS FIRE HYDRANTS FOR FIGHTING ANY FIRES THAT MIGHT BREAK OUT !!  

Once the defective gas line was replaced, the generator wouldn't start because the battery in the generator was totally 'dead'; and apparently had been 'dead' for some time. I arranged for the procurement of a new battery, bought battery corrosion sealant for the battery posts (with my own money) and had the new battery installed. I also instituted a regular test schedule for the generator to ensure that it would be operational when needed.

MAY: I was the only City Council member to participate in "CITYWIDE CLEAN UP DAY" with the City Clerk/Treasurer.

MAY: I was able to successfully convince the rest of the City Council that signing a Service Agreement with Carver County for it's newly installed fiber optic network was unwise and not in the best interests of the city for a variety of reasons. Specifically, the system had NOT been operational long enough to prove its reliability, Carver County's monthly fee for usage was $75.00/month for Internet access for a download speed of only 20MB yet; was $20.00/month MORE than what the city was already paying for comparable service with Mediacom cable, the initial Carver County contract period of five years with 'automatic annual renewals' wanted by Carver County.

I explained to the other member of the City Council that aligning the city with Carver County simply wasn't a prudent idea, was not realistic because of the constant and fast changing technology we all are experiencing, and not in the best interests of the city.

The City Council voted NOT to sign Carver County's fiber optic agreement. 

MAY: Upon approval of the entire City Council, I began to record City Council Meetings to make them available to city residents for listening 24/7 from the other Hamburg Website.

AUGUST: Resignation of Public Works employee Dennis Byerly.

AUGUST: Provided sound system and recorded music at 2013 National Night Out.

SEPTEMBER: I was the only City Council Member to take the (required) daily meter readings at the Water Treatment Plant and the Sewage Lift Station in Bi-Centennial Park during the time that the city didn't have a Public Works employee. (Councilmember Trebesch and Mayor Malz showed up in August or September to learn how to take the readings along with me, but, as far as I know, I was the only City Council Member that ever actually took them until a full time Public Works employee was hired.) 

SEPTEMBER: I researched the possibility of implementing a semi-automated Water/Sewer billing system to reduce the amount of time now spent preparing utility bills and increase accuracy of city water meter reading. I attended a meeting about automated water meter reading and billing with the Hamburg City Clerk/Treasurer in Waconia, but nothing was ever done to update the way the City of Hamburg reads its water meters and prepares its utility bills.

SEPTEMBER: I was issued a key to the City Shop by the City Clerk/Treasurer. By having access to the City Shop, I also then has access to all other city keys; keys for both city vehicles and all city buildings; including the Water Treatment Plant and both Sewage Lift Stations. I purposely did NOT request a key to city hall or to the City Clerk/Treasurer's Office.

OCTOBER: Met with representatives from a local company about installing a monitoring system for the Water Treatment Plant so the city would be notified of a malfunction there rather than finding out about it when 'the city runs out of water'.

OCTOBER: Began preparation of the site at the Sewage Lift Station in Bi-Centennial Park for a new, permanent emergency standby generator would be mounted on a poured cement slab. Here are some pictures that I took while the area was being prepared and the slab being poured and 'troweled out' by our Public Works employee and the EXCELLENT volunteer services  of Kyle Trebesch. Please "Click' on the 'thumbnail' images below to make the pictures larger.

To see the entire 'Site Plan' that I designed for this project, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Also, by my arranging for installation of the natural gas line in the fall (rather that during the winter), the city SAVED $ 800.00 !!

NOVEMBER: I oversaw the preliminary design and installation of cement pad on which the new emergency standby generator would be mounted. I also continually updated the status of this project on my OFFICIAL HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Website to keep all Hamburg residents informed of what was taking place.

Again, "The SAME information to ALL city residents from a single source!"

NOVEMBER: The Universal Power Supply used in the control panel at the Water Treatment Plant was eight years old. In the event of a power failure, it more than likely would NOT proper supply the power needed by the panel because of the age of the batteries. Manufacturers of Universal Power Supplies recommend the total replacement of the ENTIRE unit every five years. (But, of course, you must understand that they are in the 'business' of selling their product!)

I sought , and received, approval to purchase a new U.P.S. with new batteries from Amazon.com. I ordered an adequately sized U.P.S. and charged it to my personal credit card; knowing that I would be reimbursed by the city.

When the new U.P.S. was received, I noticed that some of the L.E.D. segments did not work. I contacted Amazon.com and they stated that they would send me out a replacement unit. I asked Amazon.com about returning the unit that I had just received that had burned out LED segments; they said it wasn't necessary to return it to them; it was mine to keep.

NOVEMBER 26, 2013 E-mail message to the City Clerk/Treasurer:


In addition to getting a new UPS for the Water Treatment Plant control panel
(http://www.apc.com/products/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=BR1000G) for $129.00, I've also arranged to get a new, SECOND identical unit AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for the computers, server, modems, etc. in your office."

Now; I COULD have kept that unit for myself; (it really belonged to me)  because I had already paid for it, and knowing that Amazon was going to send a second, 'replacement' unit to me. Still, I paid for it; it belonged to me.

INSTEAD, I brought this unit (with the partially burned out LED segments, to city hall (where it has been ever since) so that the computers at city hall will receive the benefit of a new Uninterruptible Power Supply, valued at $129.99, at NO CHARGE TO TAXPAYERS !!

DECEMBER: Resignation of Deputy City Clerk Sue Block. Using the recording of the December City Council meeting that I had made, I even constructed the Minutes for the December City Council meeting for the City Clerk/Treasurer to help 'ease his workload' because the city no longer had a Deputy City Clerk.

DECEMBER: I openly opposed increases in property taxes for residents and increase of wages of Mayor and City Council Members.

DECEMBER: I reimbursed the city $81.88 for the cost of the Knit shirt with embroidered city logo as well as the fleece jacket with the embroidered city logo. I also requested that the city NOT purchase any 'business cards' for me; it would be a waste of taxpayer dollars. I printed my own City Council member business cards; at my own expense.

Later, after seeing my professionally designed business cards that I had designed and printed, Council Member Trebesch asked me if I would print some similar City Council business cards for him.

I did so, cheerfully. (And at NO CHARGE to Council Member Trebesch or the city.)

DECEMBER: Arranged for the Chief Fire Officer in Hamburg, Germany to recognize Hamburg Fire Chief Brad Droege for all of his service to the City of Hamburg (Minnesota) as well as our surrounding communities. Here's the e-mail that I received that accompanied the (framed) letter from the Hamburg (Germany) Chief Fire Officer that was presented to Brad:

"Dear Mr. Odoms,

We were very much honored to be part of a huge number of congratulators. Please find attached the letter, that Mr. Maurer – Chief Fire Officer of all fire fighters in Hamburg, Germany – prepared for Brad Droege.

Moreover from Hamburg-Germany to Hamburg-Minnesota our very best wishes and a happy New Year.


Kerstin Prang
Office of Chief Fire Officer

DECEMBER: Returned all of the monies ($988.15) that I received as a Hamburg City Council member during 2013, back to the city to be deposited back into the 'General Fund'.


JANUARY: At the first City Council meeting in 2014, it was unanimously agreed by the entire City Council that, because of my deep involvement, knowledge and expertise in the design,  the purchase and installation of the new automatic standby emergency generator at the lift station in Bi-Centennial Park, it would be in the best interests of the city, and I could better serve the city, if my 'city responsibility duties' were shifted from 'Streets' to "Water and Sewer".

That change of 'responsibilities' was approved by the entire City Council.

FEBRUARY: Remember the freeze ups of water service lines in February, March and April in early 2014? ?

I personally met with three city homeowners to assess the problem. And also remember those postcards that you receive in the mail advising you to let your cold water 'trickle' to  prevent the water service line to your house from freezing up?

I was the one who came up with that idea, I designed the initial postcards, printed them up, addressed them, 'stamped' them, brought them to the post office and arranged for 'same day' delivery to residents. I also did the same for two more 'mailings' to city residents to keep them updated and all during this particular event, I continuously updated my Official Hamburg City Council Member Website so that ALL residents would receive the SAME information INSTANTLY about the status of the water service line freeze-ups without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes.

It was also my OFFICIAL HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Website, available to the world, that served as an accurate, up-to-the-minute resource as to the status of the frozen water service lines and what the city was doing and advising residents to do. PLEASE CLICK HERE to view the 'Water Service Line Freeze-Up Website' where Hamburg residents could receive IMMEDIATE and UPDATED information to keep them informed about what the city was doing.

One source for "The SAME information to ALL city residents!" My Website is STILL doing that today !! 

FEBRUARY: City Hall would have been closed this weekday (I believe the City Clerk/Treasurer was ill) but because of the urgent situation involving the freezing up of residential water service lines, I volunteered to go to city hall and spend the day there to 'handle' any telephone calls from residents. This was a normal work day for me at my 'regular job', but I took the day off (and 'lost' eight hours pay) so I could be of service to, and available for, Hamburg residents.

FEBRUARY: The neighbors in the adjoining townhouse had their water service line freeze up and were without water service for eight days while the city tried to figure out what to do. While 'digging up the street' (at a cost to taxpayers of anywhere from $-2,500.00 to $-5,000.00 or more) seemed to be the only option, I came up with the idea of allowing our neighbors to 'tap into' our water service by simply drilling a hole through our common wall and 'interconnecting our water service to theirs.

Here's an e-mail from the (contract City Attorney that was forwarded to all City Council members on February 26, 2014 from the Hamburg City Clerk/Treasurer:

"City Council,

I just talked to Mac (contract city attorney) and we came to the conclusion that the proposal from Mr. Odoms may be the best alternative at this time."

My idea worked flawlessly, our neighbors had BOTH hot and cold running water and my idea SAVED HAMBURG TAXPAYER DOLLARS; anywhere from between $ 2.500.00 to $ 5,000.00 (or more) !!

FEBRUARY: I, and Mayor Malz, met with city resident (Consior) who sustained basement flooding of sewage backup due to excessive rainwater entering the sanitary sewer system; took pictures of the damage and provided them to the city.

FEBRUARY: I was able to personally resolve, in the city's favor, a long overdue, outstanding, past due balance owed to Century Manufacturing in the amount of $ 835.85, that the City Clerk/Treasurer had been unable to resolve; and had been turned over to a collection agency.

MARCH: GENERATOR INSTALLATION DAY !! To see the Webpage that I designed for Hamburg residents documenting the installation of the emergency standby generator at the Sewage Lift Station in Bi-Centennial Park, PLEASE CLICK HERE !!

MARCH: There was an older computer that was collecting dust in a closet at city hall. I suggested to the City Clerk/Treasurer that this computer could be set up in the Public Works employee's office in the basement of the Hamburg Community Hall so that he could access the Internet without having to go to city hall. In addition to getting the computer set up and operational on the Internet, I also established a unique e-mail address for our Public Works Department and its employee.

MARCH: Lift Station generator design and oversight; physical installation of generator, transfer switch and alarm panel.

MARCH: After reviewing the exorbitant telephone bills for the Water Treatment Plant and the Hamburg Community Hall/City Shop, I set out to find a way to dramatically reduce our cost to Century Link for those to facilities.

By reconfiguring the telephone lines and telephone service at both locations, I was able to save Hamburg taxpayers a substantial amount of money each month on 'wired' telephone service at the city's Water Treatment Plant and Community Hall/City Shop.

APRIL: Because of the magnitude of duties and responsibilities that the Public Works employee was involved with and responsible for, I went to Menard's in Hutchinson and picked up the necessary materials that were needed to finish the remaining wiring at the sewage Lift Station project in Bi-Centennial Park.

APRIL: Took photos of children's Easter Egg Hunt at Hamburg Community Hall and posted them on my OFFICIAL HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Website available to the world.

APRIL: Because of his heavy work load, I assisted Hamburg's Public Works employee by cutting the grass in Bi-Centennial Park and at the Hamburg Service Memorial numerous times during April and May.

APRIL: Designed a means and arranged for installation of a 'hard wired' telephone line at city hall so that if the fiber optic cable serving all of city hall fails, city hall will still have a backup means to contact the 'outside world'.

MAY: The City Council originally was going to 'donate' about $3,300.00 that Councilmember Lund had requested to purchase an inflatable 'bouncy house'. However, after  reading numerous news accounts of injuries sustained in 'bouncy houses', I withdrew my support. The Hamburg City Clerk/Treasurer received the following response from the (contract) city attorney after I raised the 'liability issues' that the city would be subjected to:


I had a chance to review Council Member Odom’s email regarding the inflatable jumping house.  From a conservative legal standpoint, my advice to the City of Hamburg pretty much echoes the concerns set forth by Mr. Odoms.  I have heard some horror stories about how use of these types of inflatable's can result in injuries and lawsuits."

The 'bouncy house' idea was 'scrapped'.

JUNE: Spent several days working with Technician from NORTH STAR PUMP getting the new sewage flow meters installed in the sewage lift station at Bi-Centennial Park. Because the Technician was literally being lowered/raised into the pit where all of the city's raw sewage collects, a second person is required to be 'on-site' at all times. Was 'on-site'; all day, for several days, while this project was taking place. I sacrificed some of my schedule 'work days' at my 'regular job' so that I could be available to assist the North Star Pump Technician; thus allowing our Public Works employee to continue doing his normal daily routine and 'duties'.

JUNE: Suggested the possibility of adapting the old diesel powered generator previously used at the Sewage Lift Station, to be able to provide emergency power at the Hamburg Community Hall so that if the entire city, for whatever reason, would lose power for an extended period of time during the winter, city residents would have a temporary, centralized location that they could go that would provide them with heat, telephone, water and toilet facilities until such time as when either power to the city was restored, or they could make arrangements to be picked up by relatives.

JUNE: Designed and coordinated the final installation of wiring at the Sewage Lift Station and the reconnection of the lights on the flagpole in Bi-Centennial Park; letter of appreciation sent to Robb's Electric.

JUNE: Vividly described and reported the serious mold problems and unhealthily working conditions that exist at the Hamburg Community Hall to the rest of the members of the City Council.

JUNE: On June 19, 2014 at 3:12AM, I, along with Hamburg's Public Works employee,  were alerted to a 'HIGH EFFLUENT' alarm at the city's sewage lift station at Bi-Centennial Park by Floyd Security; the company that monitors conditions at both the sewage lift station as well as the city's Water Treatment Plant. The city had been receiving heavy rain for a number of hours and eventually, due to 'infiltration' of rainwater into the city's sanitary sewer system coupled (probably) with residential sump pumps discharging into the sanitary sewer, the capacity of the lift station was 'overwhelmed'.

From the time that we were notified until 'things returned to normal' at 6:51PM that evening (about sixteen hours later), I worked 'shoulder-to-shoulder' with Hamburg's Public Works employee (I even missed a day of work because of the flooding) ensuring that city residents would experience 'minimal impact' of the heavy rainfall (3-5"+ inches) received. Ultimately, it was necessary to contact the Pollution Control Agency and tell them of our 'plight' and they gave us permission to pump (much diluted) sewage water from the city's sanitary sewer system into the city's storm water drainage system. In so doing, the city was able to prevent major sewage backup into residents homes; only about three or four homes sustained any damage from sewage backup; it certainly could have been much worse.

Shown below are some of the pictures that I took that day as a result of the flooding that the city experienced. Click on the 'thumbnails' below to increase the size of the pictures you wish to view.  

I continually updated my OFFICIAL HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Website to keep Hamburg residents up-to-date' as to what was taking place in the city. In so doing, EVERYBODY in the city got the SAME information !!

SUMMER: There was allot of 'work' that needed to be done at the sewage settling ponds due to extensive 'overgrowth' of weeds, trees, bushes, etc., that hadn't been 'tended to' for several years. I made numerous trips to the city sewage ponds; discussed and complimented the new Public Works employee as to the massive improvement he had made in this very difficult project.

JULY: The "Jacob Street Grinder Station" was totally demolished on July 31st when it was 'crashed into' by a motor vehicle. For about the next week or ten days, an emergency generator was 'on-site' to provide temporary power so that sewage wouldn't 'back up' into residents basements. This generator had to be 'monitored' 24/7 and it was run periodically, by the city's Public Works employee, and myself, during the entire time that the 'grinder station' was being rebuilt. I also used my OFFICIAL HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Website as a means to keep the residents of Hamburg (and anyone else who was interested) about the 'status' of the 'grinder station' repairs. To see just one, of many,  Webpages that I designed during this time to keep everyone living in Hamburg informed, PLEASE CLICK HERE.  

Even thought I kept the City Clerk/Treasurer and the City Council fully informed as to the 'progress' of the reconstruction' I was the city representative responsible and the 'contact person' who coordinate the entire project with North Star Pump, Xcel Energy and the electrician from Robb's Electric in Carver, who was their 'on-site' electrician.

When the topic of installing 'barrier posts' (at a cost of $2,000.00 as I recall) to protect the lift station from sustaining damage should a similar 'event' occur in the future, the City Council 'deadlocked' on committing to make that enhancement.

The Mayor 'broke' the tie vote by voting AGAINST having the barrier posts installed; his reasoning was that they 'weren't necessary'. It is highly 'noteworthy' that this was the FIRST TIME since taking my seat, that the City Council had not unanimously agreed on an 'issue' and the Mayor had to 'break the tie'.

I personally thought that was very commendable !!

AUGUST: Provided sound system and recorded music at 2014 National Night Out.

AUGUST: Arranged for a second alarm system to monitor the control panel at the Water Treatment Plant. The system proposed by another vendor was over $1.500.00; I was able to have Floyd Security install it for just $400.00 !!

To save taxpayer dollars, I designed, and coordinated the reconfiguring of telephone service at City Hall/Community Center and Water Treatment Plant; met several times with installers from Century Link.

Because of the 'screw up' in the initial order for reconfiguration, I was able to get Century Link to 'waive' any 'early disconnection fees' should the city wish to cancel their service before the expiration of their three year contract.

Because all of the telephone lines at the City Hall/Community Center have been converted over to Carver County's Fiber Optic 'Ring', should that fiber optic 'ring' fail, for any reason, the City Hall/Community Center would have no telephone service whatsoever. I designed, and caused to be installed, a 'hardwire' landline telephone at the City Hall/Community Center so that in the event of a catastrophic telephone failure at City Hall/Community Center, the city would still have contact with the 'outside world'.

I also set up and installed a computer system in the Public Works employee's office and also arranged for Internet service to also be available there.

OCTOBER: Assisted in getting the Hamburg Service Memorial 'cleaned up' for the coming winter by blowing away the leaves, general cleanup, cutting back of plants and arranging for water to be brought to the site by the Hamburg Fire Department to give the plants their 'final watering' for the season.

NOVEMBER: Openly supported a Hamburg family that was opposed to having part of their property in Young America Township annexed by the City of Hamburg.

DECEMBER: Opposed a proposed ten percent (10%) increase in property taxes for residents and increase of wages of Mayor and City Council Members.

APRIL: Assisted in the preparation of the Hamburg Service Memorial for the coming season. That included blowing the leaves away from the plants, removing the debris that had accumulated over the winter months, removing, and replanting nine black- eyed Susan plants and six rose bushes that didn't survive last winter's harshly cold temperatures.

APRIL: Three young boys  living in Hamburg  (by the Post Office) stopped  by the house on a Friday  afternoon; they
were looking to 'line people up' for grass cutting this summer. I told them that because our yard  was very  small and

However, I offered, with their parents approval (of course!!), to design, print up and pay for the mailing of  'postcards'
to city residents 'advertising' their 'service'. 

The boys stated they would stop back on the following Monday to pick up the sample 'postcard' that I said I'd design
for  them  over  the  weekend.  A  picture  of the sample  that I  designed appears to  the  right.  Please "Click' on the
'thumbnail' image to the right to make the picture larger.

The sample 'postcards' that I designed for them and offered to pay to have printed and mailed out to Hamburg residents, are still sitting on an end table by our front door waiting to be picked up.

APRIL: Offered to cut the grass on city-owned property again this year to help ease the workload of our lone Public Works employee, until a part time employee could be hired by the city.

MAY: Re-negotiated additional discounts for Measured Service telephone line whose initial discount of about $36.00/month, had expired. I was able to secure an additional monthly discount of about $28.00 taxpayer dollars from the telephone company.

MAY: Re-negotiated additional discounts for Measured Service telephone line whose initial discount of about $36.00/month, had expired. I was able to secure an additional monthly discount of about $28.00 taxpayer dollars from the telephone company.

JUNE: Designed a Webpage for the Hamburg Fire Department, and Business Cards for Chief Buckentin and his Fire Command Staff, at no charge to the department or Hamburg taxpayers.

JUNE: For the first six months of the year, as well as ever since the alarm systems were installed and up until June 16th of this year, in addition to the city's Public Works employee being notified of all alarms, I arranged to also be notified notified 24/7 of ALL alarms at either location and responded accordingly.

JULY: A severe thunderstorm coupled with damaging winds hit Hamburg in the early morning hours of July 18th. (This same severe thunderstorm spawned a tornado south-southwest of Watertown where it cause substantial damage.) As a result of the storm, much of the city was without electricity for a substantial period of time; the Water Treatment Plant and City Hall/Community Center and Fire Department complex were required to operate on emergency power for over twelve hours !!

And, even though it was Saturday, our very reliable and responsible Public Works employee was on the job getting branches and other debris off the streets and out of the park as well as clearing the branches, twigs, etc., that were clogging the catch basins in the city's streets.

I offered to help him with the 'clean up' but he said he had everything 'pretty much under control'.

And he did !

AUGUST: I apologize for being unable to attend the  NATIONAL NIGHT OUT event on August 4th, but was unable to do so because of a 'work conflict' with my 'regular' job.

I could continue to describe many of the other, very positive things that I've done for the City of Hamburg and its residents since being elected to the Hamburg City Council in 2012; (like making sure that I stayed 'in town' those times that the city's Public Works employee would be out of town, so that I would be available should any problems arise with the city's Water Treatment Plant or two Lift Stations), but I believe that I've 'made my point'. I further believe it is evident that I have worked very hard during the past thirty-one months, not only for the City of Hamburg, but  also for the many fine residents that call Hamburg 'home', as well, to help increase their quality of life.

I'm VERY PROUD of my many accomplishments that I've made within the city since becoming a member of the Hamburg City Council, that have helped to improve the lives and comfort of our city's residents and have helped to make the City of Hamburg a better place to live, learn, work and play !!

I'll match my 'track record' and my accomplishments with the Mayor or any other City Council member, and let YOU be 'the judge' of how I've 'done my job' as YOUR elected Hamburg City Council Member since being elected to the Hamburg City Council in the 2012 election.

I'll CONTINUE in my 'energy charged' efforts to do what I can to help improve our fine city and the quality of life that our residents already enjoy.

I'll CONTINUE  to welcome  comments, e-mails, telephone calls, etc., from ANY Hamburg resident (or from ANYONE who visits my Website) that has a concern that they wish to discuss. My 'contact information' appears below.

And, yes; I'll ALSO CONTINUE to maintain my OFFICIAL HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Website.  "The SAME information to ALL city residents from the same source!" NO topic (or person), is 'off limits' !!

As for my Oath of Office, I will continue to fulfill my position to the very best of my ability. If I see ANY type of wrongdoing or misconduct, it is my sworn DUTY & RESPONSIBILITY to report it ! Regardless of who is involved or what position within the city they hold.

I will CONTINUE to 'monitor' what is taking place in our small, but friendly, city and will CONTINUE to report, either internally or externally, those events or actions that I believe to be inappropriate and detrimental to our city and our many fine residents, and I will seek to bring to justice, those Public Officials that violate the public trust that the residents of Hamburg have invested in all of us. SO HELP ME GOD !!

When I was given my Oath of Office by the Hamburg City Clerk/Treasurer, I was sworn to do that when I accepted the responsibility of becoming YOUR Hamburg City Council member. I already have done so, and I shall continue to do so.

I also invite everyone, ESPECIALLY Hamburg residents, to continue to frequently visit my OFFICIAL HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Website at www.hamburgminnesota.com and SEND ME YOUR COMMENTS !!

Thank you !!


Richard Odoms
Hamburg City Council Member
150 Jacob Street
Hamburg, Minnesota 55339
(612) 460-8212
Official City Council Member Website: www.hamburgminnesota.com
For More Information About Me And Who I Am, PLEASE CLICK HERE
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Once the slab was 'trowelled out', an insulating tarp was used to cover the slab over the winter months.

Site Plans For The City Of
Hamburg To Install A New
At The City's Main Lift Station In
Bi-Centennial Park

Speaking Of Bi-Centennial Park,
Follow The Progress Of The
From Concept To Dedication Spearheaded By Long Time Hamburg Resident Brad Droege

Speaking Of Brad Droege, Check Out My Webpage Dedicated To
Who Was A Member Of The Fire Department For Almost 38 Years And Serves As Its
Fire Chief For 19 Years

Winter 2013-2014
Due To The Sustained, Brutally
Cold  Low Temperatures

Pictures Of The Actual
Completed In March 2014

See The Problems That
ON JUNE 19, 2014
Created For The City

See The Webpage I Designed For The
As A Service To Them And To
The City That I Serve & Represent

See The Webpage I Designed
As A Lasting Tribute To
Who Faithfully Kept Us, And Our
County, Safe For Twelve Years

A Webpage Featuring
Where He And I Talk About His
(Communities Against Senior
Exploitation) And What It's Like To
Be Appointed A Judge After Being
The Carver County Attorney
For Twenty Years

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I'm Currently Serving A Four Year Term As A Member
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'Real Time' Information About Current Weather Conditions In Hamburg Is Shown Above And Is Provided As A Service To Area Residents
At No Charge To Taxpayers By Means Of The Personal Weather
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Visitors to this Website will note a very obvious lack of accomplishments, on my part, listed below for the first three months of 2015, as are listed during the first two years of my term as a Hamburg City Council member. The reason for these 'lack of accomplishments' was because I was 'defending myself', beginning in January 2015, from their vicious attacks against me, personally, as well as impugning my integrity and character, by the Mayor and other City Council members as well as the Hamburg City Clerk/Treasurer, in concert with the (contract) City Attorney; who had all 'ramped up' their sinister, disparaging efforts against my OFFICIAL CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Website, and against me, personally, in a very definitely defined effort to force me into resigning from the Hamburg City Council.

Just for everyone's information and to 'set the record straight', as near as I can 'figure' and since January 2015, the City of Hamburg has TOTALLY WASTED somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000.00 in TAXPAYER DOLLARS in their efforts against me, personally, and my very popular, and informative, Website. (And that DOESN'T take into account the taxpayer dollars that were similarly 'wasted' in 2014 !!)

I'm Certain That The Residents Of Hamburg Are Not Even Aware Of The Following
Taxpayer Dollars That The City Has TOTALLY WASTED On Legal Fees:

Check #17360       $  2,515.75         Legal Fees Concerning Council Member Issues & Attend Mtg
Check #17415       $  2,508.50         Legal Fees Concerning Council Member Issues & Attend Mtg
Check #17437       $     613.25         Xcel Energy Ordinance, Data Practices Act, Background Check
Check #17478       $  2,450.84        Correspondences for Data Practices Act & Variance/Annexation; Backg
Check #17542       $  2,856.50        Correspondence for IPAD & Data Privacy Practices; Attend Personnel Meeting
Check #17570       $  7,835.00        CC (City Council?) Concerns and Criminal Matters 

Check #17640       $  5,596.25        CC (City Council?) Concerns and Criminal Matters

Check #17651       $  1,225.25        CC (City Council?) Concerns and Criminal Matters

Yet; after having completed nearly three years of my four year term, I'm STILL a Hamburg City Council member, my very popular and informative OFFICIAL HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Website is STILL 'alive and well' and I'm STILL DOING what I think is in the 'very best interests' of the city and its residents. Meanwhile, the Waconia based Melchert Hubert Sjodin law firm which employs the fifty something (contract) Hamburg City Attorney, has received yet ANOTHER $1,225.25  which now brings the total amount that they've received to about $25,000.00 of Hamburg residents hard earned taxpayer dollars !! All for NOTHING !!

Sadly, as evidenced at the September 2015 Budget Meeting designed to discuss 'setting the budget' for 2016, it appears that the City intends to CONTINUE TO WASTE TAXPAYER DOLLARS in their relentless and unwarranted attacks against me, personally, and against my very popular and informative Website, hoping that I'll resign my position as a Hamburg City Council member.

The reason for my saying that is that at the September 2015 Budget Meeting, Mayor Richard Malz asked that the legal fees for 2016 (originally set at $6,000.00) be INCREASED ANOTHER $9,000.00 to $15,000.00 !! It would appear that 'the city' (or at least Malz) wants to 'keep this issue alive'.

Folks; you CAN'T  'make this stuff up' !! (As a retired fireman, I would think that Malz would realize that it makes more sense to use this taxpayer money to pay our dedicated Fire Department members for the time they spend each year attending their REQUIRED training sessions. But instead, Malz has 'turned his back' on these dedicated city professional volunteers who are 'at the ready' 24/7 when we need their emergency assistance !! FACT, is sure STRANGER than FICTION !!

The law firm's September statement, alone, that the city paid at it's September 22nd meeting, was for $7,835.00 !! The law firm's most recent monthly statement, that the city paid at it's October 27th meeting, was for  ANOTHER $5,596.29 !! That's OUR (yours AND mine); taxpayer dollars being TOTALLY WASTED by your other city officials; who are out seeking their revenge and retaliation against me, personally and AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE, because they 'don't like 'my OFFICIAL HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Website and the fact that I 'question' their actions and don't always agree with them, how they 'act' or what they do.

Plus, (I think I have this 'right') in addition to the $1,000.00 per year City Council members receive, Hamburg residents pay EACH City Council member, as well as the  Mayor, $50.00 PER MEETING for EACH  'special', 'closed' or 'emergency' City Council meeting over and above each 'regular' (second Tuesday of the month) meetings. This year so far, we've had SO MANY 'EXTRA' MEETINGS, I've 'lost track' of how many we've had !! Plus, if the (contract) City attorney attends these meetings, her 'meter' is running, too; I'm guessing; probably at 'time and a half' because our City Council meetings are in the evening; one was even on a Saturday morning !!

Please look at all of my many 'accomplishments', detailed and listed below, during my current term as a City Council member. I pay my city utility bills on time, I DON'T have any outstanding 'Active Civil Judgments' against me and I do what I was elected to do: I act in a financially responsible manner which I believe to be in the BEST INTERESTS of the City of Hamburg and for all of you fine folks who call our small, friendly city, 'home' !!

Please check back with this Website frequently; there's MORE !! MUCH more !! TRUTH always prevails over EVIL.
"What a mess, and farce, and taxpayers are footing the bill.  Where is common sense ?"

"I looked at your website – you have quite the story."

"Dick, I don't think people care, plain & simple. The fact they don't "know" is apathy, laziness for many, some are working several jobs, trying to raise a family, and are exhausted."

"How much money did the City of Hamburg waste on attorneys fees related to your website?" (So far; the city has spent, as near as I can calculate, about $25,000.00 !! At the Budget Meeting in September, Hamburg Mayor Richard Malz called for the 2016 budget for legal fees to be INCREASED by an ADDITIONAL $9,000.00; for a total of $15,000.00 for 'legal expenses' in 2016 !!)

"Hello Mr. Odoms, I saw your website in the NYA Times.  Bravo!!!  Who says an “alien implant” (a term I’m using to explain how some of us feel who are not “native born sons”) can’t be heard and can’t have some say?  I’ve heard one disgruntled newcomer to the local area describe it this way:  “You’re a nobody and have no real sense of belonging or feeling welcome unless you have three generations of ancestors buried in the local cemetery.”  The citizens of Hamburg and the surrounding area are very fortunate to have you “telling it like it is”.  Don’t let anyone intimidate you into giving up.  You are a TRUE public servant and so much more!!!  More small towns around here need a Richard Odoms.  Perhaps you will be the “spark” that will spread."
"A nearby local “implant” since 1974."

"I also reside in Hamburg & I'm very interested in WHY the city had to hire an attorney regarding your informational website.   I feel if the city (clerk) had been more proactive in his job and had a city website that actually provided residents with useful information,  this never would have happened!"

"Holy cow Dick! I commend you on the path you have taken with this issue."

"Good Morning Richard: The website looks great!! It has a completely different look GREAT JOB!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you do, for the city and for your listeners. I wish we had someone like you in our city government."

"I applaud you for all your time.  The city had absolutely no business using "our" money to go after you! That could have gone toward our water bills for a month as a resident bonus, as our water/waste bills are ridiculous.   I know we need a new water tower, but why hasn't the city been putting money aside for the last 25-30 years!  They had to have known back then.  Plus for a city of 500 I think we should be sharing a city clerk with Green Isle, and we could have a full-time assistant & save a lot of money & headaches. Thanks again."

"Thank you very much for your honesty,  it's so seldom for elected positions."

"In most cases, new council members are expected to 'go with the flow'..keep quiet! You're newly elected; you can't have any new ideas! Good luck."

"I did see the article and I've read your site as recent as last week. What Privacy information are they referring to?"

"Keep the spirit and action going with the website on City officials and activities."

"As someone that deals with this alongside corporate lawyers, I either have missed something or your accusers are 'seeing' things. Good luck."

"I looked at the article and your website. Very impressive article. I am sure they will keep on pressuring you to back down. I am sure you will not though."

"I can totally relate to the fact that a person of integrity can't be anybody but who they are or not stick up for what they really believe in, regardless of how mad it makes other people or how much it upsets the apple cart, especially when you know, for sure, they are the ones in the wrong !!!!"

"They want you to give in & knuckle under or turn a blind eye to their 'business as usual' ." "Sounds atypical of many City elected officials."

"Whew ... just who might be familiar with "small town politics"!  At least you're doing it from a position of a co-equal Council member.  I applaud your willingness to step forward to serve your community but as you've discovered 'there are so many individual agendas' ... its difficult to prepare for all of them. Jealousy can raise it's head when least expected."

"The "agenda" for City Council & Mayor is quite simple it would seem....do what's best for Hamburg and it's residents!  Beyond that point...it begins to reflect negatively when their individual and/or respective goals venture into areas that reflect self-interest rather than Community Interest."

"I applaud your community interest and your willingness to truly serve your own community. Good luck."

"Hello Mr. Odoms, I'm delighted to hear that your "email phone" is ringing off the hook!  I  can't imagine their content being anything but encouraging and uplifting !"

"You obviously have always had the best interests of the city in your efforts and yes, politics are very real and sometimes

"Count me in as being one of your fans and supporters !"

"In most cases, new council members are expected to 'go with the flow'..keep quiet! You're newly elected; you can't have any new ideas! Good luck."

"May just have to go sit in on a Hamburg City Council meeting since it's open to the public."

"Sounds like you have your hands full. Knowing you the way I do I do not think you will back down. The city council meetings are public correct? So the meeting minutes should be public for everyone to make up their own mind. I am sure that most people that know both sides of the situation agree with you."

"Your web site about Hamburg is awesome, Thanks for taking the time and doing it. Hope you have great New Year and please keep up the great job you have done with your Website for the City of Hamburg."

"My prayer would be more Dick Odoms would rise up and get involved in their lives, in their communities and in our way of life! Our future needs courageous leaders who are not afraid to “challenge” the process and our leaders. America needs our involvement more than ever because of the polarizations that is taking place at all levels of government and our lives. I have tried to think of any part of my life where government in NOT involved in some way, shape or form. While I believe we cannot live without “the people” looking out for each other, I believe we have created a monster that has an appetite we cannot sustain. Something has to give. "Wishing you Life’s Best today and everyday !!"

"You're a busy guy, with lots of energy, ideas, and accomplishments."

"I will be curious to hear what the results are from the search being done." "Hope all goes well and soon!"

"Hey, Richard, Keep Up The Awesome Work !"

A VERY INTERESTING Letter Written By A Former Jordan City Council Member Appeared In The Saturday, July 25th Edition Of The Minneapolis Star-Tribune Newspaper Which Raises Many Of The Same Issues And Concerns That I Have As A Hamburg City Council Member. To Read That Letter, PLEASE CLICK HERE. Then, PLEASE SEND YOUR THOUGHTS & COMMENTS To Me.

In a recent Minneapolis Star-Tribune article describing some 'questionable ethics' by other City Council Members in the City of Blaine (Minnesota) Mayor Tom Ryan unwittingly recently said it best: “People think politics are dirty, and they are right.”
Please Continue To Send Me Your Comments About This Website, And Its Content !!
THANKS To EVERYONE That Has Voiced Your 'Support' For Me, My Website And For What My Website & I Represent !! THANK YOU !!

Please Send
Me Your
Thoughts & Comments !!
Carver County Sheriff's Office ANONYMOUS TIP LINE
(952) 361-1224
October 19, 2015
Dear ------------:

Thank you for sharing your interest at last Tuesday’s City Council meeting about the Website that I maintain as a Hamburg City Council Member. I hope that this letter and the accompanying documents will provide you with adequate, and accurate, information about my Website as well as with my reason(s) for devoting so much time, money and ‘energy’ into making it what it has become today.

First of all, I wish to inform you that NO TAXPAYER DOLLARS were ever spent initially to get my Website ‘up and running’ nor have any taxpayer dollars ever been used to ‘maintain’ my Website to keep the information up-to-date. ALL ‘funding’ for my Website comes ‘out of my own pocket’.

Secondly, my Website is NOT a ‘city Website’; I make that very clear to anyone who views my Website by posting the following ‘disclaimer’ at the beginning of my Website: “The views, ideas, thoughts, comments and opinions expressed on this Website do not reflect those of the City of Hamburg, it's employees or it's other city officials. Additionally, no endorsement of this Website by the City of Hamburg, its employees or other elected officials is expressed or implied.”

Third, my Website does NOT ‘represent’ the City of Hamburg or anyone living in the city, nor does it represent any city employee, the Mayor or other City Council members.

Fourth, the purpose of my Website is to allow me, an elected member of the Hamburg City Council, to communicate information to city residents that I believe is important for them to know and be aware of.

Two specific  examples when my Website was used to provide immediate, updated information to city residents was in February, March and April 2014 when resident's underground water service lines were freezing up because of the cold, brutal winter we were experiencing.

For several weeks, I maintained an updated a ‘special’ Webpage to allow ALL residents of the city to receive important information as to what residents should do to avoid their water service lines from freezing up and what the city was doing to address the already frozen water service lines ‘issue’.

A second example of the usefulness of my Website is when we had the 5 inch rainfall on June 19, 2014. Because the amount of rainfall ‘overwhelmed’ the city’s main lift station at Bi-Centennial Park, the city was forced to pump ’raw’ sewage into the city’s storm water sewer drains. Additionally, several city residents experienced backup of the sanitary sewer system into their basements. During this ‘once in a hundred years’ rainfall event, I worked shoulder to shoulder with the city’s Public Works employee for about sixteen hours straight to deal with the flooding situation in the city because of the excessive rainfall.

Meanwhile, my Website was the ONLY ‘one stop’ source for city residents to find out what the city was doing to deal with this issue and minimize damage to residents homes.

A third example of the usefulness of my Website was when an ‘out of control’ vehicle crashed into the city’s grinder/lift station on Jacob Street on July 31, 2014, totally demolishing it. The damage sustained was so severe that Xcel Energy totally disconnected the power to it and the city had to rely on a manually operated, portable, standby electric generator to be started periodically 24/7 for an extended period of days and weeks to prevent ‘raw’ sewage backup into resident's homes on Jacob Street and Scheele Avenue.

Once again, my Website was the ONLY ‘one stop’ source where city residents could find out the latest information regarding this incident that demolished the grinder/lift station as well as what the city was doing to deal with this additional issue that had the potential for allowing ‘raw’ sewage to backup into city resident's homes.

My very informative Website as a Hamburg City Council Member is also a very popular Website. To date, my Website has been ‘visited’ (called ‘hits’)  OVER 41,000 TIMES !! Not only by residents of Hamburg, but by people living throughout the local area and all around the world !!

I believe that you mentioned at last Tuesday’s City Council meeting that you hadn’t actually ‘seen’ my Website. That, indeed, is unfortunate. While I can ‘tell’ you about my Website, you can’t even begin to ‘appreciate’ the very worthwhile purpose it truly serves until you actually ‘see’ it, ‘read’ it and ’look’ at it. Only then will you truly understand why I put so much time and effort (and money) into it.

While I have some ’critics’ about my Website, I’m not really ‘bothered’ by that. Sure; everybody wants to be ‘liked’, but if you look at those persons who are critical of my Website, you’ll quickly realize that their ‘criticism’ is because my ‘efforts (and work) are greatly overshadowing’ what they do (or don’t do) for the city.

More often than not, their negative comments are based on rumor, not on fact.

Periodically, however; I receive comments, from the public, about my Website and its content. Those ‘public comments’ regularly appear on my Website for all to see. It is VERY GRATIFYING to see, that based on the comments I’ve received, I have overwhelming ‘public support’ for my Website. 

I truly would like to offer you the opportunity to personally view my Website ‘on line’. I’m assuming that you do not involve yourself with the Internet; that’s fine. However, if you’d like, I’d be very happy to pick you up someday at your convenience and bring you to the library in Norwood and use one of their computers so that you could actually view my Website and realize it’s full capability and value. We could spend as much time at the library as needed.

I have no doubt that you’ll be very impressed with actually viewing my Website and agree that it does, indeed, serve a very worthwhile purpose. 

Meanwhile, I am enclosing, for your review, 1) Information that the Editor of the NORWOOD YOUNG AMERICA TIMES Newspaper requested this past June about my Website, and 2) A copy of the article he wrote about my Website that appeared in the June 25th (2015) edition of his newspaper, and 3) Information on my Website that allows ‘visitors’ to my Website learn more about me.

Lastly, you mentioned that you had ‘heard something’ about a lawsuit while you were attending the City Council meeting last Tuesday. To the best of my knowledge, there are no lawsuits of any kind, pending against the city at this time, that I am aware of.

However, you will find it very distressing to know that the city, in concert and with the advice of the (contract) City Attorney,  is doing everything possible in very obvious (and unsuccessful) attempts to force me to submit my resignation from the City Council because of my refusal to accept, and challenging, some of the questionable things taking place that I do not agree with. The City Council has also been ‘attacking’ my Website (particularly vigorously during the past year) because they simply ‘don’t like it’; it affords Hamburg residents the opportunity to know what their elected officials are doing and ’what’s going on’ in the city.

To date, the CITY HAS WASTED ABOUT $18,000.00 (or MORE!!) TAXPAYER DOLLARS in their efforts to ‘shut down’ (or severely restrict) my Website and force me to resign my position from the City Council.

(NOVEMBER 27, 2015 UPDATE: With the latest bill from the Waconia based law firm of Melchert, Hubert & Sjodin for $1,225.25 that the city AGAIN APPROVED paying at its November 24th City Council Meeting, the amount of TAXPAYER DOLLARS WASTED has NOW  INCREASED to approximately $25,000.00 !!)

It is also my belief that the Mayor and the other members of the Hamburg City Council, again, in concert with the (contract) City Attorney and City Clerk/Treasurer, have ‘overstepped and abused’ their statutory and legal authority because of the deleterious, heinous, unethical and highly questionable, retaliatory actions that they have taken against me.

You will also find it interesting to know that in addition to  their unwarranted public censuring me twice in their ongoing effort to force my resignation, they also have already contacted the Carver County Sheriff’s Office and directed them to ‘investigate’ my Website, alleging that it violates the law, and forward their findings to the Carver County Attorney’s Office for CRIMINAL PROSECUTION !!

Of course; there are no violations of law with my Website; it’s just another futile attempt, by the Mayor, other City Council members, City Clerk/Treasurer and the (contract) City Attorney to force me out of office.

And their actions just ’keep running up the legal bills’ taxpayers are forced to pay. At the September Budget Meeting, the Hamburg Mayor INCREASED the city’s legal budget for 2016 by ANOTHER $9,000.00 !! (From $6,000.00 to $15,000.00 !!)

The Mayor also proposed a tax increase for Hamburg residents of 11%  for 2016 !! (Last year’s tax increase already was 5%.)

You also will find it ‘interesting’ to learn that the city, for whatever reason and upon the advice of its (contract) City Attorney, attempted to obtain an ‘Order for Protection’ against me from the Carver County Court.

Yet, when the city learned that I would also be allowed to appear before the judge and present ‘my side of the story’, the city ‘withdrew’ it’s ‘Order for Protection’ request because they didn’t want the information that I had against them, exposed to the court.

Combine what I’ve listed above with the fact that the City Council has ORDERED me NOT to have any contact, whatsoever, with the city’s employees, well; you can see their obvious efforts by the city, to embarrass, humiliate, degrade me and attack my character and integrity. 

It is my belief that they all are also subjecting the city to serious legal and civil liability for their unscrupulous actions; all of which are documented on the recordings the city has of all of its ‘Special’, ‘Regular’ and ‘Closed’ City Council meetings.

Unfortunately, I can not provide you with much more in the way of details, but you cared enough about our city to inquire as to ‘what is going on ??' I could have ignored your  asking, but I care enough about my position within the city to respond and tell you, truthfully, what I can, about what is taking place. 

In closing, thank you for the opportunity to tell you more about my Website and its purpose. Hopefully, you now realize that some of the ‘things that you’ve heard’ about my Website are false and fabricated. We both know how damaging and hurtful information spread by ‘rumor’ is.

I respect you for coming forward to seek the ‘true’ information (from the ‘horses mouth’) rather than relying on any inaccurate  ‘rumors’ that you may have heard. And I appreciate you providing me with the opportunity to help you be more (and better) informed.

Certainly, if you have any further questions about me, my Website, my service to the residents of Hamburg as their elected City Council member or want to go to the library in Norwood, please let me know. I welcome your inquiry at the telephone number listed below.

Very sincerely yours,

Richard Odoms
Hamburg City Council Member
(612) 460-8212
Website address: www.hamburgminnesota.com
Hamburg City Council Member
150 Jacob Street
Hamburg, Minnesota 55339
Telephone: (612) 460-8212
City Hall: (952) 467-3232
Here's A Copy Of A Letter That I Sent To A Hamburg Resident Who Recently Attended A Hamburg City Council Meeting
And Wanted To Know More About My Website. I Was Happy To Be Afforded The Opportunity
To Provide The Following Response  And Information To Him........

My responsibilities as a Hamburg City Council Member over the past two and one-half years have brought me into contact with a variety of people. This Website would NOT be complete if I, as a City Official, didn't properly 'recognize' our full time Public Works Employee and our former Part Time Deputy City Clerk.

As I recall, our former Part Time Deputy City Clerk began working for the City of Hamburg in about March or April of 2014. I found her then, and still find her now, to be a very pleasant person who I enjoyed talking and working with about a variety of city 'projects' which I have been involved with in the past.

One 'project' in particular was the understanding and 'straightening out' of one of life's 'major headaches' for everyone (including the city), telephone bills. Because I've personally experienced how complicated and difficult to understand they are, I've gained allot of valuable experience in dealing with telephone companies; both technology-wise as well as how (generally) 'messed up' their billing is and imparted my knowledge and experience, to her.

Among many other important tasks, she was also responsible for ensuring that your city utility bills are prepared, sent out and your payments 'posted'.

The other city employee who is absolutely outstanding is our dedicated Public Works Employee who joined the city in the fall of 2014. A former Carver County employee, not only is he a neighbor, he is also a very talented and experienced individual who the city is very fortunate to have 'on board' with us.

I've worked closely with him on a variety of 'projects' (including the June 19, 2014 'flood' and the July 31, 2014 'Jacob Street Grinder Crash') and find him to be a well organized, methodical and 'personable' individual who 'thinks things through' and has a wealth of knowledge to draw on.

The City of Hamburg is profoundly fortunate to have these two employees as members of our City Staff.

Sadly, the Deputy City Clerk referred to above, resigned her position in August.

Hamburg Fire Chief Justin Buckenthin also is a very knowledgeable and personable individual who represents our city admirably.

Learn more about him when we talked about our Fire Department; my interview with him is available on a Webpage I designed (at NO CHARGE to taxpayers) at

Tell a friend about this page
"Love the Website.  It's incredible."

"Looked at some of your life time; Great job. You looked like  a person that did his job well. We need good people like that; keep it up and GOD BLESS."
(The Website Was Initially Launched On August 21, 2007)

"A top hit on Google searches and has generated significant traffic numbers."
Norwood Young America Times Newspaper
(To Read Their Entire Article As It Appeared, PLEASE CLICK HERE !!)

The Following "Disclaimers & Legaleeze" Apply To ALL Webpages (Past, Present & Future) Of This Website !!
This Website, which was launched on August 21, 2007, has been viewed from as far away as New Zealand, Viet Nam
and the Philippine Islands as well as by people living in Hamburg, Cologne and thousands of the
other nearly 2,469,501 cities and about 600,000 towns throughout the world.

This Website and/or any of its contents, may NOT be printed, photographed, reproduced, copied, recorded,
altered, modified or adapted, in any manner, without the prior written consent of the author.

The entire content of this Website remains the exclusive and sole property of the Website owner and
publisher and is protected under the First Amendment Of The Constitution of the United States of America.


"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

The views, ideas, thoughts, comments and opinions expressed on this Website do not reflect
those of the City of Hamburg, it's employees or it's other city officials.

Additionally,  no endorsement of this Website by the City of Hamburg,
its employees or other elected officials is expressed or implied.


It is my sincere wish to NOT, make or provide, incorrect, libelous or slanderous remarks or comments, about anyone, (or anything) anywhere on this Website. If anyone sees incorrect information or information that they deem is (or may be) libelous, slanderous, incorrect or even questionable, they are encouraged to contact the Webmaster. In all fairness, if necessary and deemed appropriate, a correction or Notice of Clarification will be posted or the information in question may be removed, modified and/or a RETRACTION posted.

Every effort is constantly being made to ensure that all of the information contained on this very popular Website is correct, current, up-to-date and is classified as and 'public data'. If anyone believes that 'private data' may appear on this Website or has any other  comments, concerns, suggestions or corrections, please contact me. Also, please see the various 'Disclaimers' appearing elsewhere on, and throughout, this Website.
“Without Freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom;
and no such thing as public liberty, without freedom of speech.”
Benjamin Franklin
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E-mail sent to (contract) City Attorney June 16, 2015:

Dear Ms. Dohm:

Pursuant to the discussion held at this evening's Hamburg City Council Meeting, please be advised that at NO time, was it EVER my desire, or intention, to publish, on my Website, www.hamburgminnesota.com, or any of its related Webpages, information, of ANY type, that in ANY way, violates, or MAY violate, in ANY manner, the Data Privacy laws of the State of Minnesota.

Please review my entire Website, and its related Webpages, and advise me as to what information currently contained therein, in your opinion as the Hamburg City Attorney, may violate said Data Privacy laws.

Then, in the spirit of cooperation, I shall undertake efforts to cause that information to be removed from, or modified on, my Website.

My Website, and its related Webpages, will remain as they currently are until Friday, June 19th, to afford you ample opportunity to review them.

On that date, the information published on my Website, and related Webpages, that you advise me, or allege, may violate Minnesota Data Privacy laws, will then be removed from, or modified on, my Website, and related Webpages, so that any alleged Data Practices violations that you believe may currently exist, will be corrected.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.

Richard Odoms
Hamburg City Council Member
150 South Jacob Street
Hamburg, Minnesota 55339
Telephone: (612) 460-8212
E-mail: councilmemberodoms@hamburgminnesota.com
Text Messages May Be Sent To: 6123904025
My Unofficial Website About The City: www.hamburgminnesota.com

NOTE: After sending the above e-mail to Hamburg City Attorney Dohm on June 16th, no information was ever received back from her regarding any of the information contained on my Hamburg Council Member Website, or related Webpages, that she felt was, or could possibly be, a violation of Minnesota's Data Privacy laws.
Letter sent to (contract) City Attorney On September 10, 2015:
Ms. Kelly C. Dohm
Melchert, Hubert & Sjodin
121 West Main Street
Waconia, Minnesota 55387

RE: 'Order for Protection' Request

Dear Ms. Dohm:

As your 'target' and the defendant of the above-captioned matter, in addition to providing me the name of the judge before whom you appeared to 'present your case'. please forward to me, at the address shown below, copies of ALL documents submitted to the Carver County District Court, to the Carver County Attorney's Office and to the Carver County Sheriff's Office, by you, or your law firm on behalf of the City of Hamburg, relating to this matter.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this very serious matter.

Very truly yours,

Richard Odoms
Hamburg City Council Member
150 Jacob Street
Hamburg, Minnesota

NOTE: Dohm didn't have the courtesy to comply with my request and didn't provide me with the documents that I requested. Instead, Dohm sent me the following e-mail message  on September 14, 2015:

Mr. Odoms, I am in receipt of your correspondence to me dated September 10, 2015. On behalf of the City of Hamburg, my office is not able to provide you copies of any documents requested. By making this statement, I am not confirming or denying the existence of any documents identified in your correspondence to me.

Best Regards,

Kelly C. Dohm
Melchert Hubert & Sjodin
Attorneys at Law
121 West Main Street Suite 200
Waconia, Minnesota 55387
E-mail sent to (contract) City Attorney July 11, 2015:
TO: Kelly Dohm; Melchert, Hubert Sjodin Law Firm

SUBJECT: Private Legal Consultation

Please be advised that your 'classification' of my Websites is erroneous.

www.hamburgminnesota.com is my HAMBURG CITY COUNCIL MEMBER WEBSITE, www.thedeltashow.com is my PERSONAL WEBSITE.

Those distinctions are CLEARLY STATED on both Websites.

Pursuant to your suggestion, I sought legal advice on June 24th.

You have already established a precedent by advising me, an elected city official, your belief that certain information posted on my Hamburg City Council Member Website MAY not have been 'public information' and your requesting, as the city attorney, that I remove the information from my Hamburg City Council Member Website.

As you are fully aware, that 'questionable' information was removed, by me, without hesitation. (To reiterate, I have previously advised you that it is NOT my intent to have 'private' information appear on my Website. My 'position' on that has NOT changed!)

In the spirit of cooperation, any similar information under similar circumstances brought to my attention by you in the future, will be dealt with similarly and swiftly.

Pleased be advised that as a result of the legal consultation referred to above, I have heeded the legal advice that the attorney suggested and provided to me, and have reacted appropriately.

In short, I did what the attorney stated I should do.

Richard Odoms
Hamburg City Council Member
150 South Jacob Street
Hamburg, Minnesota 55339
Telephone: (612) 460-8212
E-mail: councilmemberodoms@hamburgminnesota.com
Text Messages May Be Sent To: 6123904025
My Unofficial Website About The City: www.hamburgminnesota.com

During the month of September, the five elected officials of the City of Hamburg met, alone, three times during the month. Just the Mayor and we four City Councilmembers. Setting and, then approving the 2016 budget, was our major task.

What was 'refreshing' is that all of us worked together for the mutual benefit of the entire city. Those three meetings were wholly enjoyable; no screaming, no bickering; we 'got our work done'. In a respectful, unemotional 'atmosphere'. I can't recall ANY City Council meeting in more than a year that has been so productive and such a great experience to be a part of. It was 'really nice' while it lasted.

But, it was 'back to reality' at the September 28th 'Special' 'Closed' Meeting; the two other 'city officials' reappeared at this fourth monthly meeting. The yelling and disrespect reared its ugly head once again; Councilmember Gregonis resumed his maniacal hollering; the Mayor, too, even POINTED HIS FINGER at me and SCREAMED, "(YOU) SHUT UP!!" (Maybe they BOTH need to go to 'anger management' classes !!)

"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
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Tell a friend about this page
If The Words
Appear In Red On The Weather Graphic Above, That Means Additional Information About Weather Conditions Affecting The Hamburg
Area Is Available.

To See This Additional  Information, Please Click On The   Words WEATHER ALERT  On  The  Weather Graphic Above.
Please Click Here
How Much Do You Suppose The (contract) City Attorney With The Law Firm Of Melchert, Hubert & Sjodin Charged
Hamburg Residents For This 'Nothing Response'
To My LEGITIMATE REQUEST As A City Official ??
(And I'll CONTINUE To 'Watch Out' For Hamburg Resident's Taxpayer Dollars !!!)
So Far This Year, The City of Hamburg Has TOTALLY WASTED about $25,000.00 (Or More!!) Of OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS In Legal Fees Paid To The Waconia Law Firm Of Melchert Hubert Sjodin In An Effort To Thwart My Very Informative Website And Attempt To Force Me To Resign My Elected Position As A Hamburg City Council Member Because The Other City Officials Don't Agree With My Core Values, My High Principles Or The Content Of My Very Popular Website !!

Tell a friend about this page
Tell a friend about this page
Tell a friend about this page
And STILL Counting .......
(The Website Was Initially Launched On August 21, 2007)
"A top hit on Google searches and has generated significant traffic numbers."
Norwood Young America Times Newspaper
(To Read Their Entire Article As It Appeared, PLEASE CLICK HERE !!)

You Can Read The Information That I Sent To Them And Learn More About My Website, PLEASE CLICK HERE. THANKS !!

Add this page to your favorites.

Thanks For Visiting My Very Popular Website !!
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Tell a friend about this page
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Edited Audio Clips Of ACTUAL COMMENTS
Made By City of Hamburg PUBLIC Officials At PUBLIC Hamburg City Council Meetings
O.M.G. !!!
To Your  Computer
Via This Website.....
(Sound Card Required)
And Then, Of Course, There's Mayor Malz's 'Official Trip' To Duluth This Last October. Please 'Click' On The Audio Link Below To Hear Malz's (edited) City Council Meeting Audio Clip Of His Asking The City Council To Approve Giving Him $350.00 Taxpayer Dollars For This 'Trip'.

The Motion Made To Approve Spending Hamburg Taxpayer Dollars  Was Made By Councilmember Trebesch and Seconded By Council Member Gregonis. After The 'Event', The City Council Received This Report:

"This was the first year of reserved seating and it did seem a little 'offputting' seeing our Mayor seated in the Norwood Young America reserved seating after getting "approval" to have the taxpayers of the City of Hamburg reimburse him for his trip (if turned in) while avoiding all members of the Hamburg Fire Department."

(Yes; I'm 'watching out' for taxpayers to see
if a 'claim for reimbursement' is turned in !!)
Commit 'Malfeasance' ??
YOU Be The Judge

YES; IT'S TRUE ........

I VOTED AGAINST The 6.31% 2016 Tax Increase Approved By The Other City Council Members That Hamburg Residents Will Now Face For The Following Reasons:

FIRST, Mayor Richard Malz  Had The Ability, Capability & Opportunity To Institute A Plan To PAY OUR FIREFIGHTERS For Attending REQUIRED Training Beginning In 2016. But Malz, A Retired Hamburg Firefighter Himself, TURNED HIS BACK On Our Firefighters!! Malz Requested That Additional Funds Be Allocated, Instead, For More Legal Expenses In 2016; Funds That Could And Would Have Paid Our Professional and Dedicated City Firefighters To Attend Their REQUIRED Training in 2016. The Rest Of The City Council 'Let Stand' Malz's Request To INCREASE The Amount Now Budgeted For Legal Fees In 2016 By Another $-9,000.00 Bringing The Total Amount Of Taxpayer Dollars Now Budgeted For Legal Fees In 2016 To  $-15,000.00 !!

SECOND,The 3% Projected Raises For The City Clerk/Treasurer & For Our Public Works Employee Were CUT IN HALF To A Paltry 1.5% By The Other City Council Members

Please SEE BELOW And Check Back Later For More Information!! 

According To Readily Available PUBLIC RECORDS, Which Hamburg City Council Member, First Appointed in 2013 After Receiving Only 24 "Write-In" Votes In The City's 2012 General Election, DISCHARGED $-68,838.00 IN DEBT  In A CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDING That Year And, According To The Minnesota Trial Court Public Access Website, As Recently As January 29, 2016, STILL HAS ANOTHER $-31,640.00 In OUTSTANDING 'CIVIL JUDGEMENTS' AGAINST HIM IN CARVER COUNTY DISTRICT COURT  ??

Additionally, Which SECOND  Hamburg City Council Member, According To The Minnesota Trial Court Public Access Website, As Recently As January 29, 2016, STILL HAS AN OUTSTANDING 'CIVIL JUDGEMENT' IN THE AMOUNT OF $ -12,945.82 AGAINST HIM IN CARVER COUNTY DISTRICT COURT ??
            (In Alphabetical Order)
A) Councilmember Robert Gregonis
B) Councilmember Christopher Lund
C) Councilmember Richard Odoms
D) Councilmember Steven Trebesch
And These Guys Are Involved In Deciding How Hamburg Resident's Hard Earned Taxpayer Dollars Are Spent !!!
To Access
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is sometimes referred to as the "clean slate" or "fresh start" bankruptcy because most unsecured debt (such as medical bills, credit card debt and utility bills) is eliminated in this type of bankruptcy. There are exceptions to the types of debt that can be eliminated in this bankruptcy. Student loans, taxes, child support and credit card debt incurred in the 90 days prior to filing bankruptcy are all exempt from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge.

Basically, someone who files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, 'beats' their creditors out of the money that they legitimately owed to them.
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HERE'S SOMETHING I'LL BET YOU WEREN'T AWARE OF: According To The Minnesota Trial Court Public Access Website And As Of January 15, 2016, TWO  Of The Four Hamburg City Council Members That Make The Decisions About How & Where Your Hard Earned Taxpayer Dollars Are Spent, Have  A COMBINED
Reluctantly, The Webpages Honoring Former Hamburg Fire Chief Brad Droege For His Many Impressive Accomplishments During  His Career Have Been Removed From My Website Because Of What I Believe To Be Outrageously Reprehensible Conduct Of  Hamburg Mayor Richard Malz.
November 12, 2015

By A Shakopee Resident...

“Unless you went to City Council meetings regularly or were related to someone on the City Council, you didn’t really know what was going on.”

As An Elected City Official, That's EXACTLY Why I Created, And Faithfully Maintain (at NO COST TO TAXPAYERS), This Very Popular & Informative Website.

Hamburg City Residents, Have An Additional Opportunity To Know What Is Taking Place In Our Small VERY FRIENDLY CITY of (about) 516 residents.
Believed To Be The ONLY
Elected Public Official In The
That Has His Own Hour Long
That Is
Four Times A Week !!

(612) 460-8212

Please Note The Following Change:
Please Disregard Using Any Previously Posted E-mail Addresses
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At the December 22nd City Council Meeting coupled with the letter (in which my name was spelled wrong !!) that was recently sent to all Hamburg residents, other Hamburg City Officials are trying to 'dupe' you into believing that their WASTING OF $25,000.00 of OUR hard earned taxpayer dollars is because of me and this Website. That's SIMPLY NOT TRUE !! Rather, your other Hamburg City Officials have WASTED that much trying to FORCE me to resign my City Council position because I REFUSE to 'go along' some of with what they're doing and I REFUSE to accept some of what is taking place that I believe is detrimental to our city and our residents..

This whole matter is REALLY QUITE SIMPLE: While some (uninformed) residents (former City Officials included) have 'jumped to conclusions', have already 'made up their minds' and circulated incorrect information without knowing the TRUE FACTS about what's taking place in our city, our other decent, open mined and clear thinking residents MUST HAVE THOSE TRUE FACTS available to them before they can make a correct, just and proper decision.

Hamburg residents need ONLY THREE THINGS to reach that correct, just and proper decision; all of these three 'things' are readily available from the City Clerk/Treasurer's Office at City Hall:

1). A copy of my November 5, 2014 written, formal, ten page report submitted to Councilmember Chris Lund; a member of the City of Hamburg 'Personnel Committee', and

2) A copy of my July 30, 2015 letter, AND TWO ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS, sent to the (contract) City Attorney, Kelly Dohm of the Waconia law firm of Melchert, Hubert and Sjodin; the law firm that the city 'contracts with' for legal services and that has received those $25,000.00 of OUR hard earned tax dollars, and

3) An audio copy of what took place and what was said during the proceedings of the 'closed' Special City Council meeting (that cost taxpayers between $500.00 - $1,000.00) held the last week in September 2015.

There is something 'seriously wrong' with a local government body that uses 'closed' City Council meetings to conduct 'official' city business that city residents are entitled to, and should, know about.  WE CITIZENS pay the wages and salaries of ALL City Officials.

Hamburg residents MUST DEMAND that the three items listed above, be INSTANTLY made available to them !!! Then, and only then, will you be able to make an 'informed decision' as to what is REALLY 'going on' and to learn the truth about what is taking place in our city and why the other members of the City Council have WASTED $25,000.00 TAXPAYER DOLLARS trying to force my resignation l!!

The public's 'RIGHT TO KNOW' far outweighs ANY possible defense that City Officials might attempt to employ to withhold the information listed above, from city residents (taxpayers) !! Any 'effort' or 'excuse' by the City that results in them failing to release the requested  information listed above as to 'WHY' residents  CAN'T receive these three simple items of information, BOLSTERS, EVEN FURTHER, my assertion that something 'smells real bad'. It also makes the 'conduct' of the other 'City Officials' (ALL of 'em) EVEN MORE suspect !!

I WILL HAVE NO PART of ANY type of 'cover-up' taking place in the City of Hamburg by other City Officials !! Get the  information listed above from the city and then YOU decide 'what's going on'.  After all; it's OUR $25,000.00 TAXPAYER DOLLARS!

I'm just 'doing my job' that I was elected to do:
Looking out for, and acting in the 'best interests' of, the residents of Hamburg to the VERY BEST of my ability !!.


Please 'Click' On The Image Below To See
My Letter To
Hamburg Fire Chief Justin Buckentin.
NOTE: Information displayed to the right has NOTHING TO DO with the dedicated Members of the
Hamburg Fire Department !!
My Hamburg Personal Weather Station Is Now A Member Of The WCCO
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While Seeking Election To The Hamburg City Council in 2012, I Pledged That I Would Return All 'Monies' Received  Annually During  My Terms. My 2013 'Wages' ($895.79) Were Repaid To The City On December 20, 2013. On December 9, 2013, I Also Reimbursed The City ($81.88) For The Knit Shirt And Fleece Jacket Embroidered With The City Logo, That Were  'Issued' To Me Upon My Taking Office. 'Personal Attire' Required For My Position Was Also Purchased, at MY Expense, At NO COST To Taxpayers.

At A Recent City Council Meeting,  Yet Another Fellow City Councilmember, This Time Steve Trebesch, Rudely, Viciously And Unprofessionally, Verbally Attacked Me Regarding The 'Repayment' Of My 2014 City Council 'Wages' ($988.15). (Please Check Back Later To Hear An Audio Clip Of Councilmember Trebesch's Impudent Comments Said  At That City Council Meeting.)

So That Everyone Knows The Truth, I Have Intentionally Withheld That 'Repayment' Just In Case That I Needed $$$ For Legal Fees To Defend Myself And My Website. While The City Has WASTED SOMEWHERE  AROUND $25,000.00 OF YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS.

Barring Any Legal Expenses To 'Defend' 
Myself Or My Website in  2016,
My 2015  City Council 'Wages'
Of ($1,292.90) Will Be
Similarly Returned.

Additionally and AS PROMISED, I Have Now Donated ALL Of My City Council 'Wages' For 2014  ($988.15) To The Hamburg Fire Department. (Actually, I 'Made The Decision' To Do That In Early December.)

I CHALLENGE Mayor Malz And The Other Three City Council Members To Likewise Return ALL
Of Their ENTIRE City Council Wages, As Well.

Do YOU Think They Will ??
This Webpage Was Last Updated On February 9, 2016
1904 9th Street East
Glencoe, Minnesota 55339
(320) 864-4119


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