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'Personal Agenda' !!

I Believe I Am The ONLY
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This Website has been viewed from as far away as New Zealand, Viet Nam and the Philippine Islands as well as by people living in Hamburg, Cologne and thousands of the other nearly 2,469,501 cities and about 600,000 towns throughout the world.

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Disclaimer: The views, ideas, thoughts, comments and opinions expressed on this Website
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This Website has continuously promoted our fine City of Hamburg and surrounding area since August 7th, 2007 when it was first launched. Now, some eight years and almost 40,000 visitors later, persons visiting my Website have learned more about the City of Hamburg and our surrounding communities and my Website has promoted (at NO CHARGE) some of the events, benefits, activities, fund raising efforts, and the like, that have taken place locally throughout the area. (SEE BELOW !!)

Believe it or not, a few, selected individuals have been highly critical of this Webpage, 'targeted' me publicly for hosting and maintaining this Website and have, at least as it appears to me, orchestrated attempts to get this Website totally abolished or at least, severely restrict its content.

My very popular and informative Website will continue to flourish as it has in the past. If somebody doesn't 'like' my Website, or its content, they quite simply DON'T have to 'visit' it. Again and again.

It's REALLY that simple.

And, because this is my PERSONAL, PRIVATELY FUNDED Website and NOT a publicly funded Website as a result of me being an elected member of the Hamburg City Council, if somebody has an 'issue' with my Website, please CONTACT ME, PERSONALLY; please don't waste the City Council's time grousing about my Website or its content. Neither the City of Hamburg, nor any of its elected officials or city staff, have any control, whatsoever, over any of the information that is contained in/on any of my Websites and/or their related Webpages.

Listed below, is some information and 'history' about this Website that you will find very interesting. As an area resident who lives within the city limits of Hamburg (and just happens, ALSO, to be an elected city official), I'd sincerely like to hear from ANYONE who has any comments, thoughts, opinions or ideas of how I can make this Website even BETTER and more INFORMATIVE. PLEASE e-mail your comments, thoughts, opinions or ideas to me at councilmemberodoms@gmail.com, I PROMISE that I'll read each and every e-mail that I receive and respond to each e-mail personally, and in a timely manner.

Lastly, THANKS !! for visiting my Website !! Comments, suggestions, thoughts and/or ideas are cordially welcomed at councilmemberodoms@gmail.comTHANKS !!

Now, let’s ‘disect’, together, my very popular and ever-changing Website to see if we can find any ‘areas of concern’ that justify that unwarranted criticism of my Website  and to dispel the incorrect information that you may have heard, and subsequent incorrect conclusions that you may have drawn, about my PRIVATELY FUNDED, Website. (Please bear in mind that you are seeing my Homepage as it appeared when the criticism of my Website escalated in February 2015.)

When visiting the Homepage of my Website, the first thing that the visitor HEARS is a three minute ‘segment’ of the very popular radio program, “In Fisherman Radio”.

This three minute segment changes everyday (except Sunday) and is a program that is used by hundreds of AM and FM radio stations throughout the United States and Canada. Professionally produced, it is targeted toward avid anglers and fisherman and involves professionals who ‘know the fishing business’. I believe that I am the ONLY Internet based show, of my type, that uses “In Fisherman Radio” in the fashion that I am presenting it.

Being ‘headquartered’ in Hamburg, I’m certain that the Hamburg Hunting and Fishing Club, (which is also promoted on my Website via a ‘link’ to their Website) and their members, and many other people as well, find the “In Fisherman Radio” fishing ‘tip’ information that I’m providing, via my Website, very interesting and informative.

A very positive ‘service image’ originating from our small (but friendly) city, and available to the ENTIRE WORLD !!

After the particular “In Fisherman Radio” segment concludes, the visitors to my Homepage  then will be able to listen to a variety of various programming that I have amassed over my past twelve or fifteen years of radio and Internet broadcasting; INCLUDING my ‘DELTA ON DEMAND’ Shows that feature ‘Interesting Interviews With Interesting People About Interesting Topics’.

Locally, former Hamburg Fire Chief Brad Droege has been my guest, as has (retired) Carver County Sheriff Bud Olson, former Carver County Attorney (and now First District Court Judge) Michael Fahey, Twin Cities & Western Railroad (that bi-sects the City of Hamburg) President Mark Wegner, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek, Carver County Commissioner Randy Maluchnik, and former St. Paul Police Chief Bill Finney, to name just a few of my guests on my Internet Show ‘roster’.

My Website that people visit and my Internet based shows that people listen to, both originate in our nice, small (but friendly) city.

My Website has been viewed all around the world by persons living in countries as far away as Viet Nam, the Philippines and New Zealand, just to name a view. (A complete list of countries where people live that have visited my Website is available on my Homepage.)

My very popular Internet based shows are listened to regularly by citizens not only living in Hamburg and the surrounding communities, but all throughout the world as well !!

On Sundays, when “In Fisherman Radio” isn’t broadcast on my Homepage, I broadcast, instead, several hours of commercial free, uninterrupted ‘religious music’; intended to ‘set the tone’ for the Lord’s Day.

Once that religious programming concludes (usually late Sunday afternoon), the “In Fisherman Radio” segments are once again broadcast after which, the visitors to my Homepage are afforded an opportunity to listen to a variety of different types of programming; including my previous week’s Internet shows heard regularly, four times a week on www.247polkaheaven.com, as well as programming from ‘DELTA ON DEMAND’.

Presently, my 2008 ‘Salute To Hamburg’ program, promoting our small (but friendly) city and recorded just after our 125th Anniversary Zummerfest Celebration, is being broadcast on my Homepage for the entire world to hear.

Log on to my Homepage to hear how well I promote, and speak of, our nice (but small) city !! 

The first thing visitors to the Homepage of my Website SEE upon visiting my Official Hamburg City Council Member Website is a picture (just one of hundreds; maybe thousands) that I've taken since moving to Hamburg. It's the first ‘reference’ to the City of Hamburg that visitors to my Homepage see, when they visit my Website.

Neat, huh ?

Visitors to the Homepage of my Website then see “HAMBURG WEATHER AT A GLANCE”; a fully automated display of current weather conditions, in the city, as recorded by my personal Weather Station (PWS) and uploaded to the Internet every three to five minutes. (You may find it interesting to note that THE OFFICIAL DELTAVILLE U.S.A. AUTOMATED WEATHER STATION began 'collecting' and uploading current weather conditions in Hamburg to the Internet on September 21, 2007 at 11:18AM and has continued providing our local weather conditions in Hamburg to city and local area residents and to the entire world, as well, via the Internet ever since !!)

Weather conditions and information that my Personal Weather Station provides is ALSO accessed periodically by the NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE FORECAST OFFICE in Chanhassen.

Additionally, visitors to my Homepage are instantly notified if there are any Severe Weather ‘Watches or Warnings’ affecting our area. Should that be the case, the visitor will see the words WEATHER ALERT displayed in red on the Weather Conditions icon and can ‘click’ on it and be automatically brought to text that provides complete information about the Severe Weather Watch or Warning affecting our area.

Scrolling down a bit further on my Homepage, visitors to my Website see a ‘friendly waving hand’, thanking them for visiting my very popular and impressive Homepage. Also, a ‘running total’ of visitors to my Homepage since it was launched, is shown as well.

Next, visitors are advised that all of my Websites, including www.hamburgminnesota.com, are best viewed using Internet Explorer in lieu of Firefox, Google, etc., a date is shown as to when the Webpages were last updated and on the far right-hand side of this portion of my Homepage, an icon encouraging America's drivers to ‘Buckle Up’ while driving, is shown.

Next, visitors to the Homepage of my Website see the first of two ‘Disclaimers’: “This Website and/or any of its contents, may NOT be printed, photographed, reproduced, copied, recorded, altered, modified or adapted, in any manner, without the prior written consent of the author.”

“The entire content of this Website is protected under the First Amendment Of The Constitution of the United States of America, and remains the exclusive and sole property of the Website owner and publisher.”

If somebody can’t interpret the intent of that 'disclaimer', then there’s ‘no hope’ for them.

I further address the issue of freedom of speech as protected by the United States Constitution, because, really; that what the majority of the baseless criticism of my Website, is all about.

A second disclaimer, also appears conspicuously on my Website: "Disclaimer: The views, ideas, thoughts, comments and opinions expressed on this Website do NOT reflect those of the City of Hamburg, it's employees or it's other city officials. Additionally, no endorsement of this Website by the City of Hamburg, its employees or other elected officials is expressed or implied."

If somebody can’t interpret the intent of this second 'disclaimer', then, again; there’s ABSOLUTELY  ‘no hope’ for them.

Scrolling further down, visitors to the Homepage of my Website see an icon advising them to “Drink Responsibly; Drive Responsibly” as well as to animated E-mail sign that allows visitors to send me virtually anything they want about my Website; comments, ideas, thoughts, suggestions, pictures, video files; virtually anything, for it.

Is it wrong for me, the host of a very popular Internet based show and equally popular Website, to encourage persons who might choose to drink alcohol, to drink it responsibly and if they do, to drive responsibly as well?

Check with Law Enforcement to get their ‘feelings’ about what I’m doing and how I’m doing it in that regard.

The next item that visitors to the Homepage of my Website see is information about the Hamburg Fire Department Pork Chop Dinner & Open House that was  held on Sunday, April 19th from 10AM to 2PM at the Hamburg Fire Hall.

The graphic that’s displayed was given to me, so I could post the information and promote the event, by Hamburg Firefighter ‘Jason’ a few Sundays ago when he stopped by our house selling tickets to the annual Hamburg Community Dance on Saturday, March 21st and sponsored by the Hamburg Fire Department Relief Association.

Is it wrong for me to publicly support, and promote, the Hamburg Fire Department, its dedicated members and actively promote any events that they sponsor on my Website ?

Oh; did I mention that I purchased two tickets to the 2015 Hamburg Community Dance from Firefighter ‘Jason’ ? If you ‘jump ahead’ on my Homepage, you’ll see information about the annual Hamburg Community Dance, as well.

Shouldn’t I have purchased the tickets or promote their event on my Website?

Whenever ANY community organization knocks on our door (especially a member of the Hamburg Fire Department), we ALWAYS buy AT LEAST TWO of whatever they happen to be selling at the time; been doing that continuously since we moved here in 2007. Or was it 2006 ? Time flies!

Am I NOT supposed to support, and promote, the Hamburg Fire Department and other, similar organization’s fund raising efforts by means of my Website ? (PLEASE SEE BELOW !!)

How can ANYONE be critical of my openly supporting our local and area Fire Departments, area businesses and other local organizations on my Website ??

It's 'mind-boggling' !!

What about our annual Zummerfest Celebration ? Am I really NOT supposed to publicize, promote and support that annual, joint effort of the Hamburg Fire Department Relief Association and the Hamburg Lion’s Club on my Website?

When the Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts or some child/children from Emanuel Lutheran Church/School or some other school comes calling with their cookies, magazines or whatever for sale, we give them $20.00 CASH instead of ‘buying their product’ so that the organization they represent gets the ‘full benefit’ of our $20.00 donation to them instead of some ‘administrator’ snatching away a large portion of what they’re trying so hard to earn and collect.

Am I NOT supposed to support, and promote, those, and similar organizations, as well, on my Website, either ?? (PLEASE SEE BELOW !!)

On the side of the Homepage of my Website, you see a picture of me while I was recording one of my weekly programs, “THE DELTA SHOW”, that is heard all throughout the world via the Internet; been doing that since February 2004. Visitors are also provided with a link that brings them to a Webpage, www.thedeltashow.com (nearly 98,000 ‘visitors’ to that Website) that tells them more about me, my Internet Shows and my background.

Think about it: Nearly 40,000 ‘visitors’ to my Website about the City of Hamburg, PLUS nearly 98,000 have visited my Internet Show Website!!

On my Internet based show, I always speak kindly about our city and, as much as possible, and talk about the events scheduled to take place in and around the city. I do this to PROMOTE our city, and as an obligation for the honor of being elected by city residents to represent THEM on THEIR City Council.

Below my picture, there is a picture of the city’s water tower that celebrated its 100th birthday last year. I thought that residents might find it interesting to know that the city’s water tower has served them for (now over) one hundred years.

So, is doing that, wrong?

Under the picture of the Hamburg water tower, is a picture of a snow covered fire hydrant with the wording, “Please Be Sure That Fire Hydrants Near Your Home Are 'Shoveled Out' And Free Of Snow So That Firefighters Can Access Them Quickly If Necessary !!”

I’m sure ANY Fire Department appreciates having fire hydrants ‘shoveled out’ during the winter months for the reason specified. Seems like good advice to me; that’s why I posted it on my Website !

Ask ANY firefighter if that’s a ‘good idea’ or not, and if it is important to them when called to a ‘fire scene’.

Going back over to the left side of the Homepage of my Website, is an open invitation to virtually ANYONE who would like me to post information about something that they’d like to promote, on my Website; there is NEVER ANY CHARGE  to any individual, company or organization for having information posted on my Website !

Should I not do ‘charity work’ and NOT  post anything on my  Website that is for the benefit of a deserving individual, a family, a friend or a city?

If I refused to do that, what kind of ‘message’ would that send about our city?

I’m particularly proud of the fact that I have been contacted in the past to post information on my Website about fundraising events for persons (and their families) that have experienced ‘difficult times’ because of a serious medical situation or other ‘misfortune’. I’ll CONTINUE to do that as long as the requests are made to me. (PLEASE SEE BELOW!!)

At no charge, of course.

Below that message, I put together an image of the electric sign installed across from the State Bank of Hamburg (also being promoted on my Website) in Bi-Centennial Park. ‘Contact Information’ about the city is provided on this image as well as a notification of when City Council Meetings are held.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but I thought it was appropriate to ‘promote’ our own bank, in our own city, on my Website.

Or, should I promote the Wells Fargo Bank in Chaska or TCF Bank at Ridgedale, instead?

To the right and down slightly, visitors see an “If You See Something; Say Something” graphic. We all know the ‘concept’ behind that nationwide program.

I've also included the telephone number that Hamburg and other Carver County residents can call to anonymously report crime tip information to the Carver County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement agencies, nationwide, need as much ’help’ and information from the public as they can get.

My Homepage helps ’get the word out’ for our local Law Enforcement Agency; Sheriff Jim Olson and the Carver County Sheriff's Office.

Perhaps you’d like to contact Law Enforcement (again) and get their ‘thoughts’ about how I’m attempting to aid them by positively promoting Law Enforcement generally and our local Sheriff’s Office,  specifically.

Additional icons on my Homepage encourage keeping gas meters free of snow so the vents don’t get blocked, advising the weekly testing of smoke detectors, advising drivers to not text while driving, to wear seatbelts and to not serve alcohol to teenagers.

The schedule for garbage and recycling pickup in Hamburg by Waste Management is also included on the Homepage of my Website
as is a copy of a ticket (remember; I purchased TWO) containing information about the Hamburg Community Dance sponsored
by the Hamburg Fire Department Relief Association.

Does ANYBODY see anything on my Website so far that is inappropriate, slanderous or ‘libelous’ ?

Didn’t think so.

Somebody’s trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

Continuing down my Homepage is evidence that I ‘do my best’ to ensure accuracy of information; here’s what’s posted: “Every effort is constantly being made to ensure that all of the information contained on this Website is correct, current and up-to-date. If anyone has any comments, suggestions or corrections, please contact me. Also, please see the Disclaimer elsewhere on this Website.”

Hosting a Website is not an easy task, nor is it one that I take lightly. I’ve spent thousands of hours and lots of money to design, construct and maintain all of my Websites, since back in about 2001. In addition to being very capable and proficient in Website design, I’ve also gained a reputation of being a responsible ‘Web Host’ as well. I’ve developed an impressive ’following’ of visitors to my Websites, (all of them) because of the due diligence that I continue to exhibit to ensure that my Websites are informative, entertaining and contain accurate information.

Continue scrolling down my Homepage and you see a picture of a white haired lady hugging her German Shepard.  This lady is in danger of ‘losing her home’ and there is an effort underway to raise $2,000.00 to prevent that from happening. A ‘link’ to another Website containing additional information about this effort is provided on the Homepage of my Website.

Ask yourself: Am what I’m doing to help this Senior Citizen ‘keep her home’, wrong?

A couple of more graphics encouraging people not to drink and drive as well as a graphic stating that my Website is a “Bully Free Zone” brings us to an area of my Homepage containing a few of the many comments that I’ve received about this Website as well as my many others. Here are just some of the countless comments that I’ve received that I’ve posted on my Homepage:

"Your Life Record Is Very Impressive. I Highly Commend You For Your Fine Record Of Public Service."

"Good Morning Richard: The website looks great!! It has a completely different look GREAT JOB!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you do, for the city and for your listeners. I wish we had someone like you in our city government."

Thanks for your public service; you do so much and probably don't get recognized for any of it. But, you are a wonderful asset for Carver County and Hamburg and for your radio listening community; you're just a great guy.

Thanks so much."

“Mr. Odoms, Website looks great !!"

"Your website about Hamburg is awesome, Thanks for taking the time and doing it. Hope you have great New Year and please keep up the great job you have done with your Website for the City of Hamburg."

"Keep up the GREAT WORK As Only YOU Can."

"Hello Delta! It's really very interesting to read all this information concerning your Hamburg Webpage and to see these nice pictures!"

"Delta Dick, I like what you have done with the Website. It is much easier to open in the new Windows."

"The website looks great!! It has a completely different look; GREAT JOB!!"

You might find it very interesting to learn that of the nine comments listed above, they include separate, individual comments that were sent to me by TWO Hamburg City Officials !!

Yes folks; FACT is STRANGER than fiction; for sure.

To the right of the comments I’ve received, I’ve provided information about how I saved over $200.00 a year on our vehicle and homeowner’s insurance by switching to a different, reputable insurance company.

My intent, obviously, was to let visitors to my Homepage know that there are ’options’ (other than a ‘lizard’ or a lady that wears too much lipstick) to saving money when buying insurance; I gave them a classic example of what I had just experienced.

That was a substantial savings for us; why not ‘spread the word’ so that others may benefit?

Similarly, I found a way in which we save $22.75 a quarter (that’s saving $91.00 a year!!) on our Minneapolis Star-Tribune subscription.

Was telling people living in Hamburg (and elsewhere) how to save on their newspaper subscription, wrong?

Again I ask: Does anybody see anything on the Homepage of my (privately funded) Website  that is inappropriate, slanderous or
‘libelous’ ?


City residents, of ANY city, MUST KNOW  what is going on inside the walls of their City Hall and how their hard earned taxpayer dollars are
being used (or abused).

If I ‘offend’ some of the other ‘keepers of the purse strings’; I guess that just too bad. Live with it.

Citizens in ALL cities, counties, states, townships and ’burbs’, throughout the country,  DESERVE TO KNOW how their elected officials are spending the tax dollars that they pay and they DESERVE TO KNOW what’s ‘going on’in their cities and with their elected officials.

Not only is it my ‘right’, I sincerely believe it is also MY OBLIGATION to keep the residents of Hamburg, who elected me to the office that I now hold, and will hold for another eighteen months, to KNOW what their ‘city government’ is doing and how our performance is ‘impacting’ our city, our residents and our ‘quality of life’.

When ‘government’ tries to influence, limit or prevent someone, anyone (even me); from saying what we have to say, that is ‘censorship’.

All of us, even me, have the right to free speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

As long as my comments are not 'libelous' or slanderous, even I, as a Hamburg City Council member, have the right to ‘free speech’; using whatever means that I choose, to inform those residents of the City of Hamburg who elected me, to represent them on our City Council. While my Website represents me, I represent the city, remember? 

Let’s also don’t forget, that while I’m ALSO a tax paying resident of the City of Hamburg, I encourage you check to find out if every Hamburg City Council Member owns property in the city and pays property taxes !!

Scroll down now a little bit more and you are now at the section of my Homepage that highlights my support for Law Enforcement and also acknowledges the dedication of the members of the Hamburg Fire Department.

The picture of the Fire Department members that is posted is the second time that I've taken a group picture of the them; I’ve recently contacted our Hamburg Fire Chief Justin Buckentin (and what a great and wonderful person HE is) and offered to take another, more up-to-date picture for my Homepage.

Speaking of him, I knew Justin Buckentin long before he became Chief of the Hamburg Fire Department. He’s an impressive guy with a cool head, a ‘keen eye’ and a unique sense of humor. He knows the importance of any Fire Department having qualified, knowledgeable leadership; capable of providing the much needed ‘direction’ any organized group of people need. I’m sure that his qualifications and experience at least meet, and may exceed, those of other Fire Chiefs in Carver and the surrounding counties.

It's really too bad that the Hamburg City Council doesn't the same quality of leadership that the Hamburg Fire Department has !!

I believe that I have more than adequately demonstrated my sincere belief in, and trust of, our recently elected Fire Chief, Justin Buckentin and his entire department: During my two plus years as a Hamburg City Council member, I have steadfastly, and continually, given the Hamburg Fire Department, and its leadership, past and present, my TOTAL allegiance and undying sought to introduce ‘Motions To Approve’, and/or have voted in favor of, virtually EVERY request brought before the Hamburg City Council by the Hamburg Fire Department. If you don't have the 'tools', you can't do the 'job' !!

We also agreed that he’ll be my guest on ‘DELTA ON DEMAND’ to talk about his being the newly elected Fire Chief (taking office in January 1014) since former Fire Chief Brad Droege retired after dedicating himself to the Hamburg Fire Department for almost 38 years; half of which he served as Fire Chief !!

Just recently, three long time members of the Hamburg Fire Department retired.

In all three instances, the retiring firefighters appeared individually at City Council meetings and were presented with plaques by Hamburg Mayor Richard Malz acknowledging their dedication and contribution to the City of Hamburg. I was on-hand to take pictures of these three dedicated individuals receiving their plaques expressing the city’s appreciation so that I could post them on my Website for all to see. Dedicated public servants need to be shown respect and appreciation; pictures of the three firefighters are prominently posted on my Homepage.

Or, am I wrong in doing that?

Also posted on the Homepage of my Website are pictures of deceased Hamburg Firefighters Kerry Buckentin and Rob Trebesch. Kerry’s tragic death was accidental and occurred on his farm that abuts the City of Hamburg. He was also our neighbor; he was our friend.

Because I personally knew Kerry and because, like his son Justin, he, too, was the great and wonderful person that he was, I decided to put together an Internet show dedicated to him and in his memory. That Internet Show, which is still available for listening via a link on my Homepage (and FREE CD copies are still available) remains the MOST REQUESTED SHOW that I’ve ever received since I began broadcasting back in 2002 !!

I was a firefighter in the United States Air Force back in the ’60’s; hence my interest in the Fire Service. I also designed a special Webpage that provides ‘links’ to all of the Fire Department's Webpages in Carver County to recognize and acknowledge their efforts and dedication.

When anyone in Carver County (or elsewhere) mentions the words ‘Fire Department’, all attention, most likely, is directed to Retired Hamburg Fire Chief Brad Droege.

Brad was a member of the Hamburg Fire Department for about 38 years; he retired just this past December after serving for nineteen years as it’s Fire Chief.

Brad was responsible for the City of Hamburg receiving somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000.00 in financial grants. Brad also is a Paramedic with the Ridgeview Ambulance Service as well as an organizer of a ’Junior Firefighters’ group consisting of young adults from Hamburg, Norwood Young America and Cologne.

Brad was one of the first people that I met upon moving to Hamburg and I instantly gained tons of respect for him, for what he represented and for everything that he had done for the City of Hamburg up to that point. (And continues to do!)

So impressed, in fact was I, that I wanted to have him as a guest on my Internet Show so that his many, impressive accomplishments could be made public. I went to his home, set up my recording equipment and we talked extensively about his impressive career.

I then decided to design and construct a Webpage dedicated to Brad and all of the great things he had done for the City of Hamburg, Carver County and the surrounding area. That ‘program’ that I put together honoring Brad, like the Webpage that I designed and constructed for Kerry Buckentin, is still a part of my Website; the interview I had with Brad is still available for your listening enjoyment and is played periodically as the ‘background audio’ of my Website.

Brad’s ‘legacy’ will live forever in Hamburg, Carver County and, probably, the ENTIRE STATE OF MINNESOTA !!

Speaking of Brad, he was the ‘driving force’ behind constructing the Hamburg Service Memorial. While it was ‘still on the drawing board’, Brad came to me with this ‘concept’ and artists rendering of what the Memorial might look like. I immediately posted that rendering on my Website and explained what was being proposed. Donations for money, materials and service began pouring in. (I’d like to think that my ‘promoting’ the ‘project’ on my Website aided Brad’s efforts in securing donations.)

Once construction began, I was there to take zillions of pictures to post on my Website so that everyone, Hamburg resident or not, could ‘follow’ the progress of this massive undertaking.

Once the Memorial was finished, I’ve continued to take pictures of it, in all seasons, from all angles, to post on my Website. And, yes; I’ve even gone there to  cut the grass numerous times so that the landscape would enhance, rather than detract from, this spectacular project ‘spearheaded’ by Brad.

Once again,  I pause to ask: Does anybody see anything on the Homepage of my (privately funded) Official Hamburg City Council Member Website that is inappropriate, slanderous or ‘libelous’ ??  

Didn’t think so !!.

The next ‘entry’ on the Homepage of my Official Hamburg City Council Member Website has to do with honesty and integrity. It says, “When someone lies to me, or I see them lying to someone else, my trust in them and respect for them is DESTROYED FOREVER !!

From then on, whenever I hear  them speak, while I will 'deal' with  them (minimally),  I will  ALWAYS  assume that they are
lying (again). (That's why I don't 'stop' in at City Hall two or three times a week anymore like I used to and is also why I am not seen
driving around the city with Council Member Trebesch or stopping at his shop any longer.)

There is NOTHING that they will ever be able to do, from that point forward, that will allow them to regain my trust in them
and respect for them.

Period !!

Yes; I’ve been lied to, and yes; I’ve witnessed people lie. At City Council Meetings !! I can not, and will not, respect or trust them any more.

Learn more about me, and my integrity, by visiting www.thedeltashow.com/whoisdeltadick.html.

I could continue to accurately describe additional entries and information that exists on my Homepage, but I believe the preceding information has wholly proved that allegations and criticism made against me, personally, and against my positive efforts of designing and maintaining an interesting and informative Website, have no legitimate basis whatsoever.

Any reasonable person would conclude that what my Official Website represents is ‘positive information’ (maybe even ‘uplifting’) about a myriad of ‘people, places and things’.

There is no basis, whatsoever, that my Website, or any of its related Webpages, pose any ‘liability’ to the City of Hamburg; everything contained on my Websites actually ‘compliments’ those ‘people, places and things’.

Here’s a short list showing some of those ‘people, places and things’ of which I’ve  ‘positively promoted’ on my Website at one time or another; starting off with my remarks about the Carver County Library System:

“If all government agencies and offices were administered as well as the Carver County Library System, the world would be a much better place and our country wouldn't be $17 TRILLION dollars in debt !!”

UFC Farm Supply

William Mueller & Sons, Inc. (Hamburg Mayor Richard Malz’s employer!!)

Hamburg Hawks Baseball Team (I had the honor of them asking me to work in their concession stand last year !!)

Broadband MN (They lease space on the Hamburg Water Tower to provide Internet access to areas surrounding Hamburg where it’s not available. I was instrumental in making that happen resulting in generating income to the City of Hamburg.)

State Bank of Hamburg

Norwood-Young America Chamber of Commerce (Isn’t Hamburg City Council Member Chris Lund somehow affiliated with
this organization?)

St. Paul’s Evangelical Reformed Church (They asked to be included on my Website!)

Mid-County Co-Op Holiday Gas Station—Cologne

Cologne Fire Department

Emanuel Lutheran Church, School & Cemetery

C.A.S.E. Partnership (Citizens Against Senior Exploitation teaches seniors how to guard against being financially and otherwise exploited. I also provided the design of and maintain their Website at NO CHARGE to this very worthwhile effort !!)

Hamburg Lion’s Club (Isn’t Hamburg ‘Personnel Committee’ Member Chris Lund a member of that club?)

Norwood Dental (Everybody rinse !!)

Mary’s Wish (Over 5,000 critically low income families served.)

Pla-Mor Ballroom (I publish their event schedule on my Official Hamburg City Council Member Wedsite as a public service to residents of Hamburg and our surrounding communities at no charge to the ballroom.)

Hamburg Community Center/Hamburg Community Hall (My Website provides contact information 24/7 for persons/organizations wanting to rent either facility.)

Retired Carver County Sheriff “Bud” Olson (I’ve designed and dedicated an entire Webpage to him, containing audio of all of our interviews, to recognize him for his three term dedication and service to Carver County, and its residents, as our Sheriff.)

So, that's 'The fifty cent tour' of my  Website. THANKS !! for taking time to learn more about it; the positive information it presents and let you know more about me.

I sincerely WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS about my PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED and continuously maintained Website and I PROMISE to respond to EVERY inquiry that I receive. Those that I find 'interesting' might even appear on the Website. STAY TUNED !!

In closing, thanks for your interest in this very worthwhile and positive effort that I strive to keep interesting and informative. I PROMISE to continue to keep it that way. If you see any 'errors' or incorrect information posted anywhere on my Website, I'd sure appreciate a call telling me about the error or incorrect information.

Also, as stated previously, if you or your organization has any events, benefits, activities, fund raising efforts, and the like, that have taken place locally throughout the area, please send me the information so that I can help 'promote' it for you !!  (SEE BELOW !!)

And, if you're an 'interesting person' with 'something interesting' that you think might appeal to my vast Internet Show audience, PLEASE CONTACT ME; maybe I can arrange to have you as my guest on one of my "DELTA ON DEMAND" Internet Shows featuring 'Interesting interviews with interesting people about interesting topics."


Richard Odoms
Hamburg City Council Member
(612) 460-8212
E-mail address: councilmemberodoms@gmail.com
Got A Comment, Thought, Idea or Suggestion ?

Please Send Them To Me  !
Got A Comment, Thought, Idea or Suggestion ?

Please Send Them To Me  !
Got A Comment, Thought, Idea or Suggestion ?

Please Send Them To Me !
Got A Comment, Thought, Idea or Suggestion ?

Please Send Them To Me  !
Got A Comment, Thought, Idea or Suggestion ?

Please Send Them To Me  !
(I do my OWN  thinking !!)
Upon moving to Hamburg, I began attending the monthly meetings of the Hamburg City Council. For the next several years, I continued to observe what was taking place and became concerned with how the City Council was spending our hard earned taxpayers dollars like it was endless. I also learned that Hamburg had the HIGHEST TAX RATE in ALL of Carver County !! (We STILL do !)

After years of observing what was taking place in our small city of 556 residents, I made the decision to seek election to the Hamburg City Council in the Spring of 2012 and was elected to office for a four year term to begin in 2013.

My first year and a half as a Hamburg City Council Member were pretty much as I had expected. But then, in the summer of 2014, everything changed; and changed dramatically.

The book that I've begun writing will tell of what I've observed taking place in the City of Hamburg and will identify the people, places and things taking place that are totally unacceptable for any city in America.

And I'll bet that you'll agree with me !!
Hamburg City Council Member
January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2016
This page was last updated: April 21, 2015
A book that I'm writing based on my experience and observations of what I've witnessed taking
place, not only as a resident of the City of Hamburg, but also as a member of the City Council.
(Should Be On YOURS Too !!
Please Check
Back Later
At Recent City Council Meetings, in addition to saying "I DON'T LIKE YOU",  Council Member Gregonis Also Compared
Me To A 'Pit Bull'.

As anyone who regularly visits my Website knows, it is a Website designed, authored and maintained by me; a Hamburg resident who was elected to serve them, on THEIR City Council, by the great residents of the City of Hamburg. It is my aim to make my Website appealing, informative and a 'showpiece' that will provide ALL of my Website 'visitors' with information that I believe is of interest to them, as well as inform area residents of information about the events, celebrations, fund raisers, etc., taking place in our local area. I truly believe that I am, responsibly, meeting that 'goal' that I set out to accomplish.

I diligently try to keep a 'neutral balance' with my Website and believe I do so in an admirable manner. Yes; I 'ruffled some feathers' of my fellow City Council Members when I opposed a pay increase for City Council Members this past December as well as when I reminded everyone who wanted to raise the property taxes, that the City of Hamburg has had the HIGHEST TAX RATE in ALL of Carver County for as far back as I checked !! (It was Council Member Chris Lund was the City Council Member who introduced an initial ten percent property tax increase; I voted against it.),

I also didn't 'score any points' when I spoke out against the 'unsolicited annexation', by the City of Hamburg, of a former City Council Member's property that is 'in the township' abutting the city. (You'll be learning more details and information about that, and what was said, later.)

Admittedly, there are a 'few people' (including Hamburg Mayor Richard Malz) that have continuously been highly critical of my Website.

Recently, there have been City Council Meetings wherein both me, and my Website, have been vigorously and relentlessly challenged and attacked by the other members of the City Council. There have also been 'closed' City Council Meetings, attended by the City Attorney, continuing this 'charade' against me and my Website.

At a recent City Council Meeting, Council Member Gregonis made it very clear that he had no respect for me and also openly stated "I don't like you" and Mayor Richard Malz also stated, "I don't respect you." NICE !! Nothing like 'harmony' among elected officials !!

I also find the periodic 'theatrical emotional outbursts' to be very 'entertaining'.

A little amount of criticism of me and my Website is probably normal, but the voracity of criticism, vicious, personal attacks and the (perceived) ongoing attempts to get my Website 'silenced' or 'taken down', only causes me to more aggressively question why my Website has 'City Hall' so 'stirred up'.

I think that I'm 'on to something' !! Keep an "eye on the radar" screen, above !!

The latest 'series of events' occurred prior to the April 14th City Council Meeting. The Council Meeting Agenda was dropped off normally on  Friday evening before the scheduled Tuesday evening meeting. But then, all of a sudden and 'out of the blue' on Monday, THE DAY BEFORE the City Council Meeting, an 'Updated Agenda' is e-mailed out to City Council Members along with three (what I believed to be) hastily drafted documents entitled "CITY OF HAMBURG ELECTRONIC RECORDING OF CITY COUNCIL", "CODE OF CONDUCT" and "STATEMENT OF VALUES".

Hmmmmm; let's see: Hamburg was founded about 132 years ago and apparently has 'survived' just fine without the three 'policies' listed above.

But suddenly, THE DAY BEFORE a regularly scheduled City Council Meeting, the City Council receives an 'Updated City Council Meeting Agenda' and SUDDENLY these three topics have to be immediately discussed, voted on and implemented.

Does ANYBODY think that my exposing, on my Website, some (but not all) of what's taking place in the city is a factor, here? Read on.

Two years ago, after I 'took office' I suggested that recordings of the City Council Meetings be made available, 'on demand', to the public on the city's 'Official Website'. The City Council thought it was a good idea and unanimously approved that suggestion. I volunteered to record those meetings, using my own equipment, edit out the 'dead air', on my own time and at no expense to the city. Usually, within a day or two of each City Council meeting, I religiously provided the 'final audio file' of EVERY City Council Meeting to the City Clerk/Treasurer who arranged to have those audio files uploaded to the city's Website. I've done that, every month, for the past two years, so the residents could listen to what transpired at the meetings, 24/7, if they wished.

But now, suddenly, 'somebody' has made the arbitrary decision to immediately PREVENT that from taking place anymore, and we need a 'policy' to 'regulate' that. Ahhh; do we have somebody trying to find a solution for a problem that doesn't exist? (Or, create a 'power struggle', here? I'M NOT INTERESTED !!) Supposedly, the City Clerk/Treasurer is going to begin doing, himself, what I've been faithfully doing for the past two years; we'll see how that all goes.

And now, also, the city wants to 'regulate' our 'conduct' with a "CODE OF CONDUCT" policy and tell us how to 'live our lives' with a "STATEMENT OF VALUES" policy.

TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT in all of our lives !! Whatever happened to good, old fashioned 'Common Sense' ??

Also, you'll find it VERY INTERESTING that at a PREVIOUS City Council Meeting, it was announced that another 'policy' was being implemented regarding the release, to the public, of 'city information'. That 'policy' was 28 PAGES IN LENGTH !! (My GOD; we're a city of  ONLY 516 residents !!) Last Thursday, April 16th, I sent an e-mail to the City Attorney for a 'clarification' as to exactly what this newly implemented twenty-eight page policy really means, but haven't received a response back yet.

I find it 'interesting', to say the least, that all of a sudden, all of these 'policies' are suddenly being implemented; restricting (and sometimes preventing), information from being made available to taxpayers (of which I am one) and to elected officials; (of which I am ALSO one).

Doesn't that seem 'odd' to you? Is this all because of my very popular Website?  Have I 'struck a nerve' ? Something 'stinks'. REALLY BAD !!

All of these sudden 'policy implementations' raise more questions than they answer. We didn't need all of this 'stuff' for 132 years; why do we suddenly need it introduced, passed and implemented; all in ONE DAY !! And, I'm NOT (entirely) 'buying' the "Data Practices" justification that always comes up. In his Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln said, "Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." Remember that ?? That's pretty much 'gone missing' in Hamburg. WE are the 'people' of whom Lincoln so eloquently spoke !!

Is this yet ANOTHER attempt by the City of Hamburg to try to 'silence' me and my Website and a covert attempt to restrict the 'public information' that my Website makes available to our city's residents (and everyone else)? 

The City of Hamburg has at least one, much more serious, perhaps 'little known', hugely expensive 'problem' (projected to cost the city $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 taxpayer dollars is the 'number' that's been 'tossed around') that needs to be addressed (instead of ignoring); rather than criticizing me, and my Website, and thinking up ways of preventing/restricting/discouraging me from making information about our city, available on my two-bit Website, to the fine residents of Hamburg, about what's going on in the city, and "WITHIN THE WALLS OF CITY HALL".

To Learn More About Me,

It is my sincere wish to NOT, make or provide, incorrect, libelous or slanderous remarks or comments, about anyone, (or anything) anywhere on this Website. If anyone sees incorrect information or information that they deem is (or may be) libelous, slanderous, incorrect or even questionable, they are encouraged to contact the Webmaster. In all fairness, if necessary and deemed appropriate, a correction or Notice of Clarification will be posted and the information in question may be removed and/or a RETRACTION posted.

Every effort is constantly being made to ensure that all of the information contained on this very popular Website is correct, current and up-to-date. If anyone has any comments, suggestions or corrections, please contact me. Also, please see the various 'Disclaimers' elsewhere on, and throughout, this Website.